10 British Things You Just Don’t Mess With

There are some quintessential British things that you just should not mess with.

Many British customs are engraved into the history of the island. It’s people, it’s food, it’s traditions are all as unique as each other, but should you mess with them? Erm no! Here’s a look at 10 British things you just don’t mess with and if you want to find out from a company that knows more about this than most, Mecca Bingo has its own opinion, click here to find out what they think.

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1. Roast Dinner On A Sunday

The brits have a long tradition of enjoying a good plate of meat, veg, gravy, slow-roasted beef, Yorkshire puddings and gravy every single Sunday. It’s a tradition that has been embraced by most who have come to the UK to live. Sunday is a family day and is treated as such, without fail every Sunday most brits enjoy a home-cooked family lunch or pop out to a carvery or a restaurant serving up a cracking Sunday dinner.

If you haven’t seen, heard of or tried a British Sunday roast dinner then we’d recommend you take a look at Spruce Eats for some great Sunday dinner recipes.

2. A Proper Cup Of Tea

Tea is Great Britain consists of putting a tea bag (Tetley tea maybe) in a mug or teacup, adding a few teaspoons of sugar to sweeten, pouring in hot water, leaving the bag to soak before removing in (or not in some cases) and adding in a drop of milk. Tea can also be brewed in a teapot and served from there straight to the cup. Some brits love their tea milky with no sugar; some like it black with lots of sugar, you have to find your own median.

Builders tea is what Brits call a strong tea, only a drop of milk and with at least two sugars. It’s also pretty custom to dunk biscuits in your tea while you’re here!

The most traditional way to drink tea is with a scone with jam and clotted cream, and if you’re visiting London for a vacation, then you’ll probably enjoy what us brits call ‘an afternoon tea’ during your stay.

3. Apologising For Everything


It’s brit thing to apologise for literally everything, even breathing. ‘Sorry for breathing’ is a saying frequently used when someone gets bad feedback about something they have done. You see, not all apologies are sincere, but in the UK, you say sorry!

Here are some more examples:

  • When you bump into someone – oh sorry I didn’t see you ther
  • When someone can’t hear what you are saying – sorry I didn’t catch that
  • When you’ve just arrived in the UK, a brit may greet you with – Sorry about the rain
  • When a Brit doesn’t like what you’ve said – Sorry! What?

4. Brits Say Cheers

There is nothing more annoying to a brit than having to say Salute or Yammas, it’s great when they are on holiday but if you’re in the UK and having a knees-up or a celebration you should always say cheers.

Brits do also say cheers to other things like, oh cheers for that, cheers mate. Cheers is also used in the UK as a way of saying thank you or thanks take a look at Great British Mag to find out why they say it.

5. Holding The Door


It’s custom in the UK to hold the door open for the next person who’s either coming out behind you or going in and vice versa. If you are out in the UK and ever in a busy doorway, hold the door, let everyone pass and then go. This is how brits roll.

6. Watch The Soaps

It’s traditional in the UK that most families watch the most popular soaps like EastEnders, corrie, Emmerdale etc., they are on British tv channels every night. You can watch some of the channels online from anywhere in the world, and they are well worth catching up on if you want to spark a good conversation with a brit. If you want to find out which British soaps you can watch on VR then check out VR Gal for top tips.

7. Talk About The Weather

I’m certain you’ve all heard about how the Brits love to talk about the weather (mainly complaining) Try it one day; it’s a good conversation starter, at the bus stop, with someone from your closest friend to a complete stranger.

It can be hilarious if you aren’t familiar with common British weather sayings, many a foreigner has been baffled by the phrases used but if you know what to expect you could even have a go at it yourself. You can also have a look at some of the UK’s good luck charms at Lucky Charms.

Examples of funny weather phrases used in the UK

  • It’s raining cats and dogs
  • It’s blowing a gale
  • It’s hammering it down

8. Go to a Traditional Pub


It’s one of the most British things you could do when visiting the UK. Order yourself a pint and a bag of pork scratchings, salted peanuts or bag of crisps if the footballs on then ‘pull up a pew’ and watch on.

9. Have an English Breakfast


Full English as it’s often called is a staple for the most working class in the UK, but from gourmet versions to proper traditional full English breakfasts at the local cafe, it shouldn’t be changed too much. There are regional variations throughout the UK. In London, you could expect to be served bubble and squeak, and in wales, you can expect to be served something different.

10. Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (or chip shop curry sauce)

A lot of people around the globe think that brits enjoy their fish and chips with some of their famous mushy peas. While this is the case for many across the UK, the reality is that British chip shop curry sauce is way more popular and a great tip for those visiting the UK wanting to try what the locals eat. Come rain or shine, after a spa day or after a long day at work. Fish and chips are the comfort food brits just love to turn to. Battered sausages are also great from British chip shops.