10 Useful Tips When Buying a House

A good start is half the work, which also applies when buying a home. Purchasing your dream home is a big deal. We are not talking about half a brown or a new pair of shoes. With these 10 tips, you will be well prepared and the search for your own place will not be a long-term project.

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1. Wish List

A wish list provides the necessary insight. Because what do you really want when it comes to your dream house? And we are not just talking about the number of square meters you want, the number of rooms and whether a garden should be attached to that house – that is also all important and should definitely be on your list, but also think about: how many kilometers do you want to commute? Do you really want to leave the city? Do you want a terraced house or a detached house? And do you get warm from new construction or do you prefer a thirties house?


2. Look ahead

Although you may now be alone, or just together, or together because the children have left home, your life may look different in 5 or 10 years. Predicting the future is, of course, a mere job in itself, but thinking about it (is there going to be a family extension, am I going to work more at home?) Makes you know which house best suits your future.

3. Searching with BlissImobiliare

Let’s just say it, searching with BlissImobiliare is one of the first things you should do. Create an account so that you can easily save and retrieve the houses that are splashing off the screen. Visit BlissImobiliare.ro and see what they have on offer.


4. Reality check

Know how much money you can spend. Before you end up in a house that you are completely in love with but is financially out of your league.

5. Consult with a buying agent

Naturally, there should be someone who will assist you. You can focus on the house while they do the other less interesting but just as important parts such as inspection, evaluation and permits.


6. First the picture then the chat

In case you don’t see any images of the house, then you need to look for the other home. Stay safe and don’t waste any time.

7. Some preliminary work prevents disappointments

Scan the environment. Is it important that there is a school nearby? Check it on the site of the municipality. Also, it would be useful if you know somebody who lives in the area to tell you more about it. If not, visit the area, talk to people, spend some time and feel out the environment.


8. Trust your feeling

What is the first feeling you have when entering a house? Don’t be distracted by all kinds of sales tricks, but feel the house. Sounds a bit cliche, but you buy a house largely for gut feeling.

9. Explore the neighborhood

Do you see yourself walking around here? Shopping? Organizing a party? In short: do you see yourself living here?


10. Feel free to look a second time

Take family and friends for the second viewing. If there is a house you like and the others agree with you, fantastic. But they may notice something you missed.