10 Websites Where You Can Get Royalty-Free Music for Video Games and YouTube Videos

If you’re a video editing enthusiast, or if you’re new to video editing, you should know that platforms like YouTube have a pretty thorough control over the music used in the videos it hosts. Even if you don’t work with YouTube and focus on another sector like video game development, you should also be concerned about using copyright-free music so that authors can’t sue you and get you in trouble.

Although your creation is not for commercial purposes, the song or songs you used to make that video may be copyrighted. When this happens, the answer from YouTube and platforms alike is to remove that video or override its audio track. It’s the same if you use a particular song, for example, for your new website. The solution is to find a song that is not copyrighted and fortunately we have several free and copyright-free music banks on the Internet.


Youtube is the third most visited portal on the Internet today, after Google and Facebook. This platform contains the vast majority of videos uploaded to the Internet and then we will explain how you can use music without copyright in your Youtube videos without having to worry about the famous Content ID, the algorithm that blocks uploaded videos that violate copyright.

Content ID is an algorithm that automatically scans all videos uploaded to YouTube in order to verify whether the uploaded material – both the music and the visual part of the video itself – is copyrighted. For example, if you upload a video and put the song “Viva la vida” in the background, YouTube will scan it, notify the Coldplay group or their label that we are using their music and us too, giving us a warning.


If it has been used without permission, it notifies both the user who uploaded the video and the legal owner of the content, i.e. the person or institution that has the rights. According to besttechie.com, we can finally switch the players off as there are plenty of sites on the Internet where you can find songs or sound effects to add to your videos. In this article we show you 10 of them

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Authors’ Websites

Authors like Moby or Patrick de Arteaga let you download their music to use it in your projects for free. You  just have to add a link to his website patrickdearteaga.com or his name Patrick de Arteaga in the credits of your project or wherever you use any of his works. If you prefer not to credit, you can also get a  license. All files are in Ogg Vorbis format and completely ready to loop! This is to make it easier to play in video game engines. Don’t hesitate and get free background music for YouTube here. You can edit them and convert their format accordingly.

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube channel itself also has a tool that allows you to use royalty-free music and soundtracks for free and without the risk of monetization by third parties.


Jamendo is the perfect tool if you are looking for different songs for your projects, as it has a wide catalog that allows you to explore different musical options. You will be able to find from the most moved to the most relaxed, all the music free of rights in the same panel!


SoundCloud is another of the main tools available to get free copyright. All you have to do is place yourself in their search engine, and filter by the artist, group, track or podcast you want. Not all the music you find in SoundCloud can be used royalty-free in your videos, but there are many accounts like this that allow it.



Musopen is another useful tools to get free music where you can finally forget about copyright.But in addition to that, it also shows you the partiture of the song you’re downloading, with all the musical notes that make up its lyrics.

Free SoundTrack Music

As it says on its own website, Free SoundTrack Music is a perfect tool for soundtrack composers to publish royalty-free songs. Whether it’s putting together your own movies, video games or home videos, Free SoundTrack Music can give you great support.

Free Play Music

As in many other platforms paying a subscription fee will give you advantages, but in any case, the free version of Free Play Music will give you plenty of songs that will serve to animate all the videos you need, as long as they are for personal use and to be published on YouTube.



Audionautix allows you to filter by what you need and get all the songs or soundtracks you want thanks to its extensive catalogue of genres. It is intuitive and easy to use, so it is a great option.