11 Cakes To Take Your Birthday Party To A Whole New Level Of Deliciousness

Bored of eating the same flavour in cakes again and again? Want to surprise your friends on your birthday with amazing new flavoured cakes? This time add a uniquely scrumptious flavour to your birthday party and delight your guests with a wonderful taste in their mouth.

Here is the list of 11 unique toothsome cakes that are equally delicious and will surely make your birthday a day to remember!


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1. Oreo Cheesecake

How about combining oreo cookies with creamy cheesecakes?  Sounds good? We bet it tastes even more decadent! Try this new exotic flavour on your birthday and you can top it up with your favourite fruits to give it an extra charm.


2. Green Tea Strawberry

This green tea strawberry cake tastes as good as it looks. With beautiful alternative layers of matcha cake and a twist of strawberry cream, this cake is perfect to celebrate your birthday.

3. Cherry Blossom

This cake is half fruity and half floral. This unique dessert has a light and a refreshing taste with a delicate flavour. When the layers of strawberry and vanilla are combined with rose ganache, this impeccable beauty is formed. Try this amazing flavour on your birthday to make it a memorable one.


4. Blueberry And Coconut

Just a slight glimpse of this cake is enough to make your hungry. This mouthwatering cake has coconut flavour and is elegantly dotted with blueberries to add a perfect finishing touch. This cake further gives a taste of coconut buttercream, blueberry preserves, and fresh orange curd.

5. Red Velvet Crunchy Delight

Everyone is a fan of red velvet cake, but a touch of nutritious walnuts makes this cake a perfect treat for the guest on your birthday. Baked with the best quality of ingredients, this delicious cake is adorned with red velvet shavings, chocolate syrup, and topped with crunchy walnuts.


6. Strawberry Lemon Cake

This cake tastes great. Since strawberry and lemon both carry a stark contrast in flavours but the very first bite of this cake will compel you to think “How these two fruits could bring out the best in each other?” Give it a try and you will end up saying wow.

7. Strawberry Tea Cake

This strawberry tea cake is a perfect treat for guests on your birthday. It consists of healthy ingredients such as brown rice flour and organic coconut sugar. This will definitely be a crowd pleaser on your birthday.


8. Raspberry Ombre

This stunning cake will undoubtedly be the show stopper, after the bride, of course! Forget those traditional chocolate cakes and try this one with raspberry buttercream topped with fresh berries. This beautiful looking cake is the perfect choice for your next birthday.

9. Pumpkin And Maple Cream

Light and refreshing, the pumpkin and maple cream cake is best combined with buttercream and cheese frosting. This cake will definitely delight your guests on your birthday with its familiar taste and aroma.


10. Caramel Apple Cake

With apple and caramel coming together, this flavour makes for a perfect dessert for your upcoming birthday.  This cake is delicious and the taste is enhanced by caramel when topped with buttercream.

11. Banana Foster

An unusual fruit combination that will surprise you! This banana foster cake has the right mix of zest and sweetness. The finishing touch with buttercream is perfect for all with a sweet tooth.