12 Features of a Good Sales Funnel

Every sound marketing strategy should include an effective sales funnel. A sales funnel critical because it assists the sales team of a company figure out what customers are thinking about at each stage to help them narrow down their options.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t use their sales funnels effectively because they simply don’t understand how to optimize them, or their pipelines are not as effective, leading to inaccurate projections.


Choosing the right company for your sales funnel is also as important as knowing the features of a great one that will increase your sales. Various companies have different prices based on the product they sell, but the most simple and popular is click funnels. According to groovymarketing.biz, click funnels pricing guide, you can compare the prices of various packages and decide what fits your needs.

As a guide, here are the most important features of a sales funnel:

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1. Targets The Right Audience


A sales funnel will only work when people can be lured into it. This means that your sales funnel should have content that will inspire your audience to act. Consider taking the organic route and post a lot of content across different platforms. If possible, diversify your content with videos, infographics, and podcasts.

2. Excellent Copy


A good funnel’s copy should be grammatically correct and free of typos and spelling errors. It should also utilize a tone that resonates with your target audience. It should be positive, friendly, and valuable.

3. Focused landing page


The landing page of a great sales funnel should provide the audience with all the information that may need at that particular point. If the goal of the landing page is to make them check out, they should find things like pricing, benefits, and guarantees. This should vary depending on how your customers arrived at the landing page. Create custom landing pages for customers who found your site via email, Google search, or social media.

4. Should Include Social Proof


Social proof should be included in an effective sales funnel to reinforce the claims made on the squeeze pages. The social proof should be tailored to the value ladder level of the audience being targeted. In other words, customer commentary should match the offer being presented.

5. Should Include Retargeting Ads

Remarketing or retargeting ads will help your brand not lose sight of the bounced traffic once they leave your website. It is estimated that you can only convert 2% of your traffic in their first visit, so including retargeting ads is the only way you reach the other 98%.

6. Has Clear Call-To-Action


Irrespective of what you are offering on your landing page, you should be crystal clear with what you want your audience to do to receive it. Ensure that that CTA stands out from other aspects of your page, allowing the interested customers to take action as soon as they are ready. The last thing you want after creating a sales funnel is your audience not to engage further with your offer because they are not sure of what to do next.

7. Includes an Upsell or down-sell


A downsell is an offer that costs less than your front end offer while an upsell costs less. Immediately your customers confirm their order, and you can provide an upsell that increases the value of the initial offer to enhance the overall experience of your customers—and increase your revenue in the process.

Upsell may come in the form of:

  • Customized variation of the initial product
  • Sale prices on bundled offers
  • An offer to increase the length of subscription at a discount
  • Supplemental products

In case your target audiences don’t take the upsell as you expected, consider sending them a low-risk offer that caters to their needs.

8. Includes A/B testing


Without split testing your audience, you may not make the conversions that you need. Marketing is all about testing, trying new approaches, and testing again. Tweaking your headline, placement of a video, or color of an image can make all the difference in whether your offers convert or not. Split testing allows you to maximize your marketing efforts.

9. Includes a Live Chat


Integrating a live chat in your sales funnel for real-time communication can boost your brand’s likability and your customers’ interest in your offers. This because your customers will feel appreciated and extremely satisfied with your brand as they will have a chance to ask questions about the offer and share their experience with your business.

Simply put, a live chat allows you to connect with your target audience in a more personalized and friendly manner, which can go a long way in guiding them to a seamless purchasing experience.

10. Includes A Guarantee


A good sales funnel should include a money-back guarantee or any other type of risk-free assurance for your target audience to trust your brand and whatever you are offering. A guarantee convinces them that they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. And if you can follow through with your promise, you will even build more trust.

11. Includes Exit Intent Offers

Don’t allow your target audience to leave your landing pages without putting up a fight—do everything possible to ensure that they give your offer a second chance. Besides upsells and downsells, consider adding things like overlays, pop-ups, and other extras that can be presented to your visitors once it is clear they are headed elsewhere. You can include one-time offers and other low-value offers that more hesitant prospects may be interested in receiving.

12. Should be accurate


Finally, a good sales funnel should be accurate. The performance of the sales funnel should be evaluated regularly to ensure that it provides relevant and accurate information to the sales team. This may include information about potential customers in the sales funnel and where they are in the sales funnel as well as the steps that are needed to make them take action.

Customers who seem to be no longer viable should be removed or targeted differently so that the sales team can focus on other customers or other new and viable opportunities.

Accurate data and information can also help the sales team to clearly define the different stages of the sales funnel so that they can figure out what works best for your business. Remember that a good sales funnel should be tailored to your offers and the needs of your business.

Final Thoughts


An effective sales funnel a critical part of any sound marketing strategy because it automates all the tedious processes like sending emails, collecting data, and running manual tests, among others. A sales funnel allows you to accomplish such processes easily and affordably. However, for sales funnel to be effective, you should take your time to figure out how to implement it in your business effectively. Hopefully, with the above tips, you now know what is needed in an effective sales funnel.