12 Top Benefits of Swimming

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, exercise can play a pivotal role. There are a number of ways you can fulfill the recommended amount of weekly exercise, but swimming has been proven to be one of the most effective for a number of reasons. Not only does it work your entire body, but it also beneficial for your cardiovascular system and doesn’t impact your bones and joints in the same way that excises such as running would.

If that’s not enough to convince you to incorporate running into your weekly routine, some other great benefits are listed below.

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#1 Entire Body Workout

Swimming really does work your entire body, increasing your heart rate, toning muscles, building strength and building endurance. Every stroke works on different muscle groups, but no matter which you swim, chances are most of your muscle groups will be used.

#2 Strengthen Cardiovascular System


As well as your muscles, swimming can also help to strengthen your cardiovascular system too. Additionally, other studies have shown that swimming can help to lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

#3 Injury Recovery

When injured, have arthritis or a disability, many people think they may not be able to exercise at all, however swimming gives people that opportunity. In some cases, it has even been suggested that it may reduce pain and improve recovery for certain injuries.

#4 Asthma Assistance

Similarly to the point above, swimming is also a good opportunity for people who suffer with asthma. The environment of an indoor swimming pool is good in itself, but it has also been suggested that the breathing exercising associated with swimming could help to give you better control over your breathing.

#5 Gentle Resistance


Those that suffer with multiple sclerosis can also reap the benefits from swimming, as the water can help to support the limbs during exercise while also providing a gentle resistance.

#6 Burns Calories

If you are working on improving your beach body, swimming is one of the best exercises to do if you are looking to burn calories. Of course, the number of calories you burn varies depending on your weight and how vigorously you swim but compared with other forms of land exercises, you could end up burning around double the amount.

#7 Better Sleep

For those that are having trouble sleeping, surprisingly, swimming can help with this too. A study has shown that the quality of sleep can be better if you engage in a regular, aerobic exercise if you have insomnia. Seeing as swimming is accessible for most people, it is a popular choice for helping with sleep problems.

#8 Mood Enhancer


Research suggests that taking part in regular aquatic exercises improves the mood of those with dementia. However, the benefits don’t just stop with people who have this illness, it has also been shown to boost the mood of others as well.

#9 Stress Reduction

Although more research needs to be completed in this area, some studies show that swimming can help reduce stress and help people escape their busy lives.

#10 Pregnancy Exercise


When pregnant, exercise can be pretty difficult to continue with, but swimming is an activity that can be performed in all three trimesters. A study has shown that a chlorinated pool has no adverse effects when pregnant. In fact, some women who swam in their early to mid-pregnancy had a lower risk of preterm labour and congenital defects. You should always discuss starting a new exercise program, like swimming, with a doctor first if pregnant.

#11 Kids Activity


Most kids love swimming, so for them, it is a type of aerobic exercise that won’t be a chore. Teaching a child to swim at a young age can be a great thing for safety as well.

#12 Backyard Convenience

Compared to other sports which may require a lot of initial investment or traveling to a special facility like a hockey rink, swimming can easily be done right in the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you choose a compact swim spa or a traditional inground pool, according to bonavistapools.com, it is an investment that will last for years to come and provide a multitude of health benefits.