4 Best Plastic Coffee Cups

Although it may seem like a superfluous detail, the design of a good coffee cup can sometimes be that missing piece of the puzzle necessary for us to start the day with a smile. Especially if you decide to give that cup to a special person or if you simply want to spoil yourself with a happy, vivid morning on the balcony. And often, when having our daily cup (or two… or three) at home we don’t like to serve it in any mug.

However, when you’re away, in an office or on a trip, it’s a bit difficult to carry a ceramic one as it’s pretty probable that it will end up in pieces after even a moment of carelessness. This is why many people decide to give a chance to some lighter, more practical materials like stainless steel or plastic, as they seem to be much more convenient to use out of the house.

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Why plastic?


In case you’re having second thoughts regarding plastic, we do have a couple of pros that might change your opinion. Why? Well, it’s accessible, malleable and quite resistant to external influences – more than glass or ceramics. We can find lovely thermos mugs recommended for travel situations or outdoor sports since you can easily carry them around as they’re pretty light and last a long time. Many factories are now improving their strategies for making plastic cups in an innovative and safe way, helped by the latest equipment and best procedures.


You can check Qmolding to learn more about it – a whole process of plastic molding and the most common terms explained in detail, for a better understanding, from a team of specialists. This is what makes customers having more trust in manufacturers and their production, and it will also mean to you in case you have any concerns regarding your own choice.

But the good things about these cups don’t end here – apart from this, they’re the most economically affordable models, usually have rather attractive designs and, as mentioned above, can resist shocks or falls quite well. Enough great sides to make you consider buying one? Lovely – because we’ve prepared a small list containing some of the best models in the market.

Irulu Blanco


Although it’s included in the category of mugs, the Irulu Blanco model offers an elegant design in the shape of a jug. So, basically, you’re able to take it wherever you need. Although it has a plastic body, it also possesses a stainless steel liner with a capacity of almost 500ml. This helps to keep drinks hot or cold for quite a long time thanks to the product’s isolation system utilizing of a hermetic seal, which adds more security in the event of rolling off. Another amazing thing about this model is a super handy suction cup – you won’t need to worry if you accidentally hit your cup as it won’t move thanks to this great feature.


Therefore, it’s perfect for those who spend time in an office as there’s no danger of spilling the coffee or tea on the keyboard or other computer components. Apart from being quite resistant, it’s so easy to clean and totally free of BPA and other common toxic elements in other cheaper products. For now, it comes in four colors – white, red, green and brown. The only thing that could possibly represent a tiny problem is placing it in places with dust or dirt, since it’s quite easy for the suction cup to get dirty, which could slightly reduce its function.

Frank Green travel coffee mug


This model has become rather popular, and we believe that this happened thanks to a modern, simple and sleek design of this cup. It’s monochrome and it can be found on Amazon in a couple of shades – Arcadia, Black, Coconut Milk, Dahlia, Harbor Mist, Pink Lavender and Sailor Blue. They even have elegant names for colors! Regarding the material, you can feel absolutely free to use it as it’s completely BPA-free, just like the previous one, as it’s made of so-called Trytan copolymer, a kind of thermoplastic.


It doesn’t have a “plastic” taste nor it will make your coffee taste like this, and if you keep the lid tight and well-fixed, it’s for sure that you’ll avoid spilling, which means that you can carry this one in your backpack or travel bag without worries. While you need to wash other mugs and cups manually as they’re too fragile, with this beauty you can be totally carefree and let it get cleaned in the dishwasher, with much less effort. This brand also has some refined stainless steel models and some encouraging reviews, therefore… why not give it a try?

Oxo Good Grips LiquiSeal


The name of this cup absolutely fits it – because the only kind of grip you can do here is a good, safe grip – so forget about slippy hands. Not only is this cup model one of the best ones, according to numerous reviews and comments on the Internet, but it also belongs to the range of the most affordable ones. Although it can’t keep the heat as much as some other pieces in the market, this shouldn’t stop you from buying it, as it’s possible to find it on Amazon or eBay for a rather nice price, in silver, green or red color.


Just like Irulu Blanco, it also has a stainless steel part inside, which means a lot if your major concern is to carry your hot drink with you without the risk of melting the plastic. According to many reviews seen on different web pages, the lid’s supposed to be rather resistant thanks to silicone seals on it – and you can even check if it’s closed properly thanks to a specific kind of indicator.



Are you prepared to see the coolest eco-friendly plastic cup? Then have a look at the super cool UUQ. This one definitely has the most complex lid from all of those cups on the list – it basically consists of two silicone parts – the one that covers the lid hole and another, between the plastic part of the lid and the cup.

The material from which it’s made, so-called polylactide, tends to be the best possible option for nice cup lovers who’re also environmentally conscious, as it’s completely biodegradable.


Even their package is eco-friendly!

Apart from the plastic part, there comes a silicon ring placed on a gripping area – it looks quite modern and stylish and it also protects you from burning your fingers when the drink is hot. Another advantage is the absence of heaviness, as it’s very light and easy to carry all around, but it also fits in any holder. In fact, the producers are so sure about its quality that they actually promise to give the money back if this product doesn’t satisfy all your needs or makes any damage – so, as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose with this beauty.

Of course, this is only a part of the huge list of possible convenient solutions for you. Having any of these will definitely make your drinking experience much nicer, and you should also prepare for many questions as all your colleagues and friends will want to know where did you get those super practical pieces. It’s not always necessary to search for more complex and more expensive ideas – a pure and affordable coffee joy is right in front of your nose, in the very heart of these awesome products.