4 Keys To The Right Domain Name For Building A Brand

Your site does not begin with the design, not with the text and not even with the super-trendy company logo. The site begins with a domain name – the first thing a potential visitor gets to know before visiting your site. Factors such as the memorability and imagery of a domain name, the domain registration area, the semantic load of the domain name- all this determine the visitor’s first impression and can sometimes be a defining moment for a potential client in the question “Does this site have what I need?”


That is why choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial to its success. If you make the wrong choice and decide to change afterward, not only your brand image will be affected, but also the whole search engine will be affected.

Understandably, choosing a proper and precise domain name for your site can be problematic given its complexity which is why ‘Servermania’ and similar other companies provide domain registration facility.

Not just that, servermania provides web hosting along with domain registration. The quality of web hosting determines the speed and user interface of your website. We have listed 4 crucial keys to the right domain building of a brand.


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1. Choosing Right Extension:

Many domain name extensions are now at our fingertips. The most common extension used with domain name are .com, .net and .org. But many niche extensions such as .pizza, .construction, .football and many more have recently appeared, and we have just started to see their adoption take place. It’s understandable that it can be tempting to choose one of these new niche extensions, especially if its name perfectly reflects your activity.


However, the most recognized and most credible extension is still today is .com. Also, by habit, your customers and users will also often make the mistake of adding .com to your domain name. Domain names in .com are also considered to be the most memorable. The vast majority of Internet users will have the reflex to write systematically “.com” at the end of their entry in their search bar, without even questioning their action. Also, if your activity is limited to a specific country, using the extension of the country can also be a good idea. For example:. fr for France,. Ru for Russia,. pl for Poland, can also attract customers.

2. Choice of Ideal Domain name:

It is very important to choose the right name for the future online store. Brevity is the soul of wit. Most of the time, the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember it. Overdoing brevity might get you something like klsm.com, which is complicated and difficult to perceive.  Unfortunately, many owners make serious mistakes when choosing a domain name.


Short domain names are easy to remember, transcribe, pronounce and integrate with various communication media. It is important to avoid confusion with other existing domain names or a misspelled name. You should also avoid negative terms especially if your target is large and international. If possible, identifying keywords related to your business or your products and services and including them in your domain name can be a deal-breaker. The presence of keywords in your URL is an excellent strategy to get noticed and remembered by your customers. If you are interested in finding domain names corresponding to a particular “Search term” such as a person’s or a company’s name, phone number, email address and any other Registration details contained in the WHOIS records. You can check this API.

3. Respecting the good practices:

It is important to know the practices that are followed while choosing a domain name. Avoiding numbers, dashes, accents, punctuations, etc. are considered to be good practices while choosing a domain name. Adding numbers to your website name can confuse your customers. For example, 21sky.com, when heard, may be perceived as twentyonesky.com.


Websites become difficult to comprehend if there is the use of numbers in the domain name. Similarly, companies try to avoid punctuations and dashes too while choosing a good domain name. A combination of 2 or 3 words to form a longer word is acceptable and seems to be a common practice especially with web services, mobile apps, and Start-Ups. For example BlablaCar, LeBonCoin, SnapChat, etc. are formed by mixing 2-3 different words.

4. Be Original:

It is too difficult to be original nowadays. Most of the creative names that you come up with might have already been registered. As such many store names are becoming too unoriginal and similar to each other. To stand out and be remembered as a new brand is a really difficult process.


Also, having a website name very close to a popular website that already belongs to someone else is a recipe for disaster. A popular case of Flickr.com is a lesson for others. Even after branding Flickr for years, they desperately needed Flicker.com since a lot of traffic were sent to Flicker.com instead of Flickr.com. There are several web hosting companies that can help you with choosing an appropriate domain name.

A domain must be an appropriate representation of your company. With the right domain the chances of success of your company are guaranteed to increase. If you keep the above-mentioned keys in mind while brainstorming a domain name, you can effectively find a domain name which will be ideal for your business.