4 Reasons to Use Windows VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website

Many website owners settle with the sharing hosting plan, but it may not be the best action plan when it comes to attracting more attention from customers. If you have a sudden increase in your internet traffic, you will have to try getting an upgrade.

Getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) package is known to provide your website with a separate bandwidth, disc space, and operating system. It is quite different from shared hosting plans where the resources get to be shared between several users. VPS hosting allows you to get optimized service, which is necessary for growing your business further.

There are many reasons why you should get a VPS plan to support your business. But before we go deeper into the subject, let us understand the meaning of VPS hosting a little better.

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What is VPS Hosting?


It doesn’t matter which nature your site is, you will have to find a hosting package for it. The market has a plethora of options, and many people go for a shared plan. However, you might change that over a while.

When it comes to shared hosting, your website will be living beside several others with respect to sharing resources. It is the contrary in dedicated hosting plans, where one or more servers host a single website. Windows VPS for sites is known to be a hybrid between these two options, where critical factors from both options are available.

In a VPS hosting plan, you will be located on the same server as several other users. But your account will be partitioned virtually. Each virtual server is known for having its separate operating system, along with resources. It is known to result in better security and performance. To know more about VPS plans and more you can check out sites like cheapwindowsvps.

VPS package is known to cost more than shared hosting. But it is affordable when you compare it with dedicated hosting. The plan’s cost will heavily depend on the Operating System (OS) as well.

The OS can be Linux or Windows, will be the determining factor when it comes to the performance of the server, installation of apps, and so on. Windows-based plans are known for being the most popular in the lot because of better security and technical support facilities.

When Should You Upgrade?

It is unlikely that your normal plan will be best suited for your website indefinitely. With change and growth, you will have to upgrade the plan.

Some of the factors that will act as reminders include –

  • Your website is working to slow
  • You are worried about the security of your data on the site
  • Your website traffic has grown drastically

Sometimes, you might even seem to have outgrown shared hosting. The size of your business may have doubled, which means that you need more resources. Dedicated VPS package is known to provide a plethora of resources, but it also comes with a costly price tag, which a growing business will not be able to afford.

In such instances, going for Windows VPS for sites seems to be a legit option, especially when you compare the cost. You will easily be able to find high-quality and affordable VPS hosting plans. There is a range of benefits offered by such plans. We are going to discuss that further.



It is not news to you now that VPS package is one of the cheapest options you can avail. A business has to take care of its budget, and sometimes it can get challenging. Putting your money and time in shared hosting might seem like a poor investment for a growing business.

But you would also not want to overspend your monetary resources, which you would have to do in the case of a dedicated server. VPS package is known to provide an ideal situation where you will get the opportunity to reap the benefits of a dedicated server in a shared hosting platform.

The cost may be higher than shared hosting, but it is a much affordable option for mid-sized and small-sized businesses.

Luckily, a complete guide on cheap Windows hosting providers published by AlterWebHost can help you find an affordable host that offers cloud, VPS, and shared servers backed by Windows operating system

Say No to ‘Neighbor Drain’

One of the significant disadvantages of shared hosting is that you will be sharing the resources with many other websites. It means that whenever there is a sudden spike in the traffic of a site on the server, the resources will be lower for the other websites.

Because of this reason, many visitors might have to deal with slow loading times. It would in the long-run lead to a reduction in conversions and traffic. It won’t be an ideal situation for sites which are planning to grow because they want to safeguard their professional image.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, will not let a neighbor drain your resources, which will offer a smoother and faster experience to your visitors

Better Security


VPS package is known to be better in terms of security as compared to shared hosting. It is because the data and apps are stored on an isolated virtual server that is separated from the other websites.

It is not the case with a shared plan because there can be many security breaches or malware infection.

More Control

As VPS arrangement plan is known to be independent of the other accounts on the same physical server, you will be getting more control and access to the files and resources. Some of the plans come with full administrative control; something shared network cannot offer.


With the gradual expansion, you will have to consider changing your VPS package, especially if it is a shared plan. Think of your audience and your company needs and then make the decision that is best for your business.