5 Short Online Courses That Will Help You To Be Prepared For College

The long break after high school is great for traveling the world and getting things off your bucket list. However, you can also decide to spend this time preparing for studying. Your life in college isn’t going to be like your life, and high school and your parents aren’t going to be there to help you stay focused at all times.

So, you must work on yourself and prepare your mind for life in college. Apart from being mentally prepared for a new stage of life, you can also get ahead of your studies by taking online courses that are meant to prepare you for college.


These courses are made specifically for high school seniors and people who have just finished high school, intending to complete their education in college. You don’t need to be worried about not passing the online courses. You can always get the assistance you need to succeed online.

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5 Short Online Courses For College Students

Future Learn


Future Learn offers a 6-week-long program that prepares new high school graduates for further studying. While it is free, you will need to pay $44 for additional features and benefits. The online course teaches prospective students the keys to succeeding in the university. Each week ends with an exercise that will allow you to reflect on what you have learned and apply it.

The course helps you to move from the high school form of learning that depends a lot on the teachers, to the university form of learning that is more independent. Apart from learning how to cope with a new life, you will also join a community where you can discuss some of the challenges that new students face and how to tackle them. 

HarvardX (Introduction To Computer Science) 

Brushing up on your computer skills is going to make your life easier in college. Getting it out of the way before your first year will ensure that you don’t struggle to mix it up with your new schedule. These online courses are prepared by professionals from Harvard, one of the oldest and best universities in the United States. 

UQx (The English Grammar and Style) 

This online course from UQx is perfect for brushing up your English speaking and writing skills. Depending on your major, you’ll be writing a lot of research papers in the new place of study. So, improving your writing skills before your first year will be advantageous. This course helps you ensure that your grammar is up to date. You’ll also learn how to edit and revise books. 

ASUx (Algebra Lessons) 


Even if you don’t want to be a math major, you need to improve your math skills before you proceed with your education. That is especially important when you’re going to be in the science department, or you’ve never been a fan of math. This course helps you learn all the functions you need for your college grade calculus.  

UQx (Philosophy and Critical Thinking) 


Since you’re going to be doing a lot of independent thinking and learning, a short course on critical thinking is ideal for you. The UQx course in Philosophy and Critical Thinking will help train your brain to perform thorough examinations of issues and gain meaningful understanding. That will also improve your problem-solving skills.

Bottom Line 

Irrespective of what you want to be in the future, these five courses can help you prepare for college and give you an edge over your future course mates.