5 Surprising Ways to Improve Hair Growth

Hair loss can, for both men and women, seem to be the worst of the symptoms of aging. The average adult has somewhere between 100 and 150-thousand hairs on their head at any given time, and you’ll likely lose about a hundred of them – per day!

But there’s no need to panic, even if you think you’re losing more than that. You don’t need expensive procedures or chemically-laced products to prevent hair loss and boost growth.
You can get visible results with a few natural remedies you may already have in your home.
We’ll go a little more in-depth on what those ingredients are below, but first, a quick science lesson.


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The Science

Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. That keratin is created in your follicles, deep under your scalp. As the follicles produce those keratin-based hair cells, they push out old ones, thus forming your strands.
On average, grows about six inches per year, and the hair you see growing is, in fact, a string of dead cells, so you can see why losing a few strands here and it isn’t too big of a deal.


However, hair loss can also be a sign of more significant health issues, like hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiency, and of course, as most women know, hot styling tools and chemical coloring can also prove damaging it.

So, if you think your scalp could be in need of a boost, try out our ideas regularly for at least a month, and you might be pleasantly surprised with these simple tricks!

Surprising Ways to Improve Hair Growth


People around the world have used eggs in hair treatment for years. Aside from their ingestible health benefits, eggs are made of proteins. These proteins can help specially in it formation through the application of an egg mask.


To make it, crack open one egg and separate the white from the yolk. Mix the egg white with a little bit of honey and about a teaspoon of olive oil.; the olive oil could be substituted with a different type you have on hand.
Apply the paste-like mixture to your hair and scalp for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water and shampoo.

Onion Juice

We know what you’re probably thinking – gross!
But bear with us here; this hair loss remedy is a tried and truly effective treatment. Onions contain sulfur, which boosts collagen production and collagen, in turn, increases its growth. Cut a few slices and either mash or grate them to provide the juice. Then, apply it to your scalp for about ten to fifteen minutes.


The juice, and the smell will rinse off with a quick shampoo wash, but if you’re still a little wary about putting onion juice on your head, you can try the less-offensive potato juice. It has similar properties, without the eye-watering aroma.

Coconut Milk

Aside from being an excellent ingredient in pina coladas, According to this source also makes for excellent natural loss treatment. This might not be a surprise to you since it’s becoming a popular ingredient in both drug store and salon shampoos and conditioners.

It’s rich in iron, potassium and essential fats (deficiencies in these vitamins and minerals could explain your loss in the first place)

Now a word of warning here, this isn’t the lowest maintenance of the home treatment options. Experts recommend getting your coconut milk from a fresh coconut. No cans allowed.


One formula suggests you add a squeeze of lemon juice, and some essential oil if you wish, before applying to your scalp for a handful of hours, or overnight, to get the full benefits.

However, there are a few different recipes that have popped up over time, so check your cupboards and see what works best for you!


Whether you’ve heard of it before or not, fenugreek is the herb to know if you’re looking for natural remedies to boost growth. The age-old ingredient is chock-full of proteins, and as we’ve read above, protein-enriched diets stimulate growth. Plus, it contains lecithin, a compound that strengthens and moisturizes it.


To use, combine a tablespoon of fenugreek with a little bit of water to form a paste. From here, you can go down a couple of avenues, either add some coconut oil, or a more inexpensive alternative, milk and mix until you have a paste you can apply to your scalp. Let the ingredients sit for about a half-hour, then rinse and wash out with some shampoo.
And a bonus here, fenugreek is also believed to protect the natural color of your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar seems to be the solution for everything nowadays, but in this case, it really does work! The vinegar acts as a cleaning agent, but also balances your hair’s pH, putting its growth into overdrive. Even if you don’t realize, a lot of harsh products could throw that number out of whack.


Mix up a solution of about 75 milliliters of apple cider vinegar to about one liter of water that way, you’ll have a few treatments at a time. Then, use it as a rinse after washing it, to provide a boost to your follicles and some added shine.



These are just a handful of natural options that can contribute to your hair loss solution. But remember, hair loss can be caused by several different health issues, so consult with your doctor to find you the root cause of your specific symptoms before trying to solve it on your own.