5 Tips for an Epic Road Trip

There is nothing like planning an epic road trip. The excitement around where you would like to go and what you plan to see and do. There are no set rules, even though you have a plan in place (hopefully) you may just stumble across something or somewhere interesting that you didn’t have part of your original plan. That’s the beauty of road trips – you can be as spontaneous as you like.

If we can give you a few tips when it comes to planning, make sure not to jam pack your itinerary, but be sure to plan thoroughly when it comes to essentials. If you plan to sleep over, make sure that you have booked somewhere in advance as you don’t want to find yourself in a town with nowhere to stay. You never know what could happen. It’s also a good idea to map out your route although there’s always GPS to assist.


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Renting a vehicle

If you decide that you would like to rent a vehicle for your holiday because you require something bigger, more comfortable and reliable, shop around for the best prices per mileage, as well as the bells and whistles such as insurance, and whether or not they give you a certain amount of petrol free. Check for any specials that may be coming up then you can plan around. Otherwise, the best option is to invest in a car long term, by purchasing one that’s versatile and suitable for your lifestyle. Renting can be costly if it’s something you going to do often. And if you are looking to purchase a car, make sure you visit Carzar.co.za.



There is nothing like a good playlist when road-tripping. It will certainly make the trip that much more memorable! You know those movie scenes of free spirits singing their heart out to classics, while their hair blows in the wind – that’s what you should be aiming for. Today most vehicles have a flash drive port, so load up all your favorite songs and hit the road. Don’t rely on radio, because the signal is often an issue in remote locations. It may help if you and your friends sit down and plan the playlist for the trip so that everyone gets a chance to hear their favourites.

Load the car with snacks

Don’t forget to take along plenty of snacks, like fruit, hard-boiled eggs and crackers, crisps, popcorn, peanuts and raisins, sweets, some coffee or tea in a flask, bottled water and some sodas. Even though you are going to want to stop along the way, you will still get peckish in the car and want to nibble on something. The driver must always be well fed and have plenty of soft drinks and water! Don’t forget to have some cups, knives and forks, salt, paper plates and some refuse bags to throw away all your leftover fruit skins and any rubbish which can be disposed of once you reach the town.


Invite your besties or family along

It is nice to get away on your own, but it is even more enjoyable when you are doing it with some of the best people in your life. Imagine all the fun, singing, eating, taking in the scenery and just loving life. Think of some car games to play such as ‘I spy’, or the ‘beetle game’ (shout out loud when you see a VW beetle in a certain colour) or name the place the vehicle passing by comes from by their number plate. Google other car games that can be played, or simply download a few apps – there’s an app for everything so you shouldn’t have a problem.


Make frequent stops

When taking a road trip, it is good to stop along the way, to have a rest, stretch the legs, go to the bathroom and take in the scenery. Perhaps you can stop for something to eat as well or to grab a cup of coffee and relax a little before heading on. Stopping along the way gives you the opportunity to take in the beauty of every place, take pictures, take selfies, have fun and enjoy the journey – not just the destination. It’s important, especially, if there’s one designated driver, to stop regularly. Drivers can become fatigued – but then again, the same goes for the passengers. There’s no fun in being cramped up in a car from beginning to end.