5 Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress in 2024

When it comes to buying the best mattress, you’re not just looking for one that feels nice, you’re also looking for one that will maximize your mattress’s performance. If you want a great night’s sleep, you’ll want the mattress that’s the most comfortable for you, your partner and for your entire family.

But for any purchase you make, you need to ask yourself if it’s the right one for you. With many factors that can have an effect on how long you can expect to sleep comfortably, this makes it important to weigh all of the possible considerations before making any final purchases.


Although there are many factors to take into consideration, some of the most important aspects to look at include a mattress’s support, durability, material, material quality

Here in this quick guide, we are going to cover the basics of what you should know when you are choosing a mattress with our five top tips.

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Choose Your Budget


This will be one of the biggest factors that will help you decide which mattress you are going to buy. You can spend less than a hundred dollars on a mattress (though this is not recommended), or thousands; it is up to you.

A good idea is to look online and keep an eye out for mattress sales and discount events. A good mattress will cost you a decent sum of money, but by taking advantage of offers and deals, you can get yourself a top-quality mattress for less.

Consider the Lifespan of a Mattress


You should always take a little time to consult the brochure or details that accompany a mattress. More expensive mattresses have often been made from highly durable materials that will last a long time if you look after them. If you spend a little more, your mattress may last a long time, giving you better value for money than cheaper alternatives. According to SleepStandards, a high-quality pillow top bed can last up to 8 years.

Find the Right Material for You


This is where you will find the most variety in mattresses. Some may be made from traditional mattress materials like feathers and metal springs, but space-age materials like memory foam and latex have become more popular lately.

Latex is a popular choice; it lets your mattress stretch and dimple without stressing its outer material and has a cooling quality on the skin. It can be used as a foam for the main body of the mattress too and provides a firm and responsive cushion for your body as you sleep.

Memory foam is a space-age material, developed by NASA as a part of the space program. It is a fantastic lightweight material that has become a favorite material amongst mattress makers. Memory foam can contour itself to give your body comfort and support through the night. Some sleepers like to have a firm to hard mattress topped with a few inches of soft memory foam to give them the best of both worlds.

For a guide to some of the best mattress brands that your money can buy and the mattresses they offer, then you should click here to see what the experts think about the mattresses on the market today.

The Choice of a Comfort vs. Sleep Solution


Your sleeping position will help you to determine how firm or soft you need a mattress to be to get a decent night of sleep. People who sleep on their back will probably appreciate a firmer mattress, whereas those that sleep on their side or stomach may need a softer mattress that will support their body at night.

Moreover matching mattresses to bedside capabilities can be more complex than you might think. Consider the different needs and goals of your partner, your health and your finances before choosing a mattress.



If you’re on the fence about a mattress, consider comfort. According to Mayo Clinic, comfort is an important consideration when it comes to mattresses.In general, the lower the number of firmness settings a mattress has, the more comfortable it can be for you.

Choose a mattress with correct pressure (PSI) for you. Most people assume that a higher PSI (pressure) bed is more comfortable, but that’s simply not the case. High PSI beds can be warmer, causing a higher risk of back, neck and shoulder pain, and fatigue. Look for a mattress that has at least a half a PSI increase over what’s recommended for you.

Your Mattress’s Warranty is Important


A well-made mattress that comes from a well-known manufacturer will usually come with a warranty that could be very important. A mattress can be an expensive acquisition, and having a warranty can give you extra peace of mind when purchasing a mattress, and help you sleep better too!

Make sure your mattress comes with a manufacturer’s warranty so that if anything goes wrong, or there is a problem with your mattress’s construction, you can get it sorted out quickly with little fuss.

Can You Sleep, Can You Stand, Can You Move?


At the very least, you should know if you can sleep on it. Even if you can’t get to sleep, you’ll be far more comfortable the next day on it. So you want to ask the mattress manufacturer if you can sleep on it. It’s never a bad idea to do this. If they say “yes” they’re telling you that the mattress is good for your needs.

Size matters!


The biggest problem facing a consumer with a mattress that needs to be replaced is that the current one isn’t right. Too big, and it’s too heavy. Not right, and you have too little memory foam. And this is where you have to experiment with your mattress. For best results let your mattress fit the way it’s meant to fit – consult with an expert.

To make sure your mattress is custom-made for you, don’t get a mattress that’s too large or too small. Double-check that the mattress itself is of appropriate size and materials. Some manufacturers will even accommodate multiple sizes of mattresses.

Final words

We spend close to a third of our lives in bed, so it is important that we invest a little time and money into making sure we get the best sleep possible so the other two-thirds go like a dream too!