5 Tips On Choosing The Right Fishing Kayak

It is almost kayak fishing season and this type of fishing is becoming increasingly popular. However, if you are getting into kayak fishing, there is a lot of things to consider and decide on when choosing a kayak. What is the best one for you? Should you opt for a cheaper one since you are just starting out or a used one, perhaps something that is more expensive? There are a lot of questions that you probably have, hence, here is a list of things to consider when choosing your first fishing kayak:

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Consider the kayak type


Although a high-quality kayak is cheaper than a powerboat, the models that are advanced can get quite pricey. There are two common types of kayaks – sit on top and sit inside. Sit inside kayaks are not good for fishing since water will inside the kayak until it is emptied, they are quite difficult to recover if they get flipped, and the storage space is limited. A sit on top kayak is the best choice since the water from the waves or flopping fish drains quickly through the scupper holes. Their design allows easy access to cargo and there is room to mount accessories, like utility tracks or fish finders. If you are interested in seeing the best fishing kayaks under 1000, click here.

Consider your body type


If it is possible, you could attend a kayak demo and pedal or paddle in several kayaks in order to determine which one is the most comfortable for you. Can the seat be adjusted to allow pedaling or paddling with a slight bend in the knees? Lay your back on the sear to check how comfortable it is since you will be sitting in it for hours at a time.

Consider the stability

Unless you like swimming, stability is the most important thing to consider. Since you will need to turn and twist to catch fish, the kayak cannot be tippy. If you are planning on standing while fishing, definitely avoid a V-shaped hull since they can easily tip over. Look for a flat bottom or a tunnel hull. The minimum width should be around 30 inches (76 centimeters), more is better. A short, broad boat will not move as well. Also, short boats can easily get tossed around by waves while longer boats go through the water smoothly, and that is why most touring kayaks are skinny and long.

Consider transportability


The weight will depend on the features that the boat has. Make sure that you have the means to transport the kayak and move it before you buy it. Will you transport it on the roof of your car? Or will you carry it in the bed of your truck? It is important to consider the transportation before you make the purchase.

If it is your first kayak, you should consider buying a used one

Until you spend a summer fishing in a kayak, you will not really know what you like and do not like, and what features will you want your kayak to have. You can find used kayaks available for sale on various websites like Craigslist or other websites that people can send items on. Hence, you should use the first four tips to choose the best-used kayak you can, fish for it for a whole season and then decide about replacing or keeping it.



Before you choose your kayak, make sure that you read the reviews about it in order to see the experience of the users. Also, you can get recommendations from family members, friends, or co-workers. Use these tips to make the whole process of buying your first kayak easier, less expensive, as well as less stressful.