5 Tips On Not Buying A Lemon: Get A Good 2nd Hand Car

Not many of us have the funds to buy a brand new car and so we are used to having to shop for a 2nd hand car, but how many of us are really confident we know how to get the best deal? Probably not that many of us, but we can get a good deal if we follow a few of these simple instructions.

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Do Your Research On What Model You Want


It’s essential to know exactly what you are looking for before you start visiting places to view vehicles as this will lessen the chances of you being talked into a vehicle that isn’t suitable for you. Take into consideration if you need extra seats, a 7 seater or people carrier if you have a large family, or a small cheap car if you are concerned about the economy and there are even plenty of electric vehicles around now if you are environmentally conscious.

Buy From A Reputable Dealer


You could buy privately but often you have a little comeback if you are sold a lemon and you only really have the word of the private seller that things are as described and if you go to a dealer at least there is a company there that you may hold to account. These days companies are reviewed online for good or bad and you can easily check online to see what experiences others have had of them. You should also check for what type of guarantee they will offer and any aftercare provided.

Get Your Finance In Order Before You Go


According to moneyexpert it is essential you organise your car finance options before you go looking for vehicles as this way you have done your research and will know what kind of deal you have got. It also means you can easily dismiss the dealers’ attempts to persuade you to go with their finance options.

Be Aware Of Extras You Don’t Need

As with any retail operation salespeople at car dealerships will be pressured to upsell and add extras on to your sale. These can be extended warranties, servicing options and other things such as winter tyres or special treatments. It’s not to say that everything offered is bad but just be aware to consider if the extra option gives you more value than not going with it.

Test Drive The Car & Research The Vehicle’s History


It’s absolutely essential to test drive any car you are serious about buying, it will not tell you everything about the car but you will be able to see how it handles on the road and look out for any rattles or bumps or any warning lights that may come on. Also extremely important is to check the car’s history to make sure it’s not been in any major accidents or even worse been an insurance write off at any point, this will give you full piece of mind you are at least not getting a reworked death trap.