5 Tips to Buy the Best Women’s Church Suits

Sundays are reserved for church, and you want to look the best you can to impress your congregation. To do that, your best option would be to buy a church suit that looks the part. Church suits are elegant outfits that serve a specific purpose on Sundays. People go to church to worship, but they also go to loosen up and have some fun with the rest of the congregation. They are a kind of social event that has been a tradition for centuries in the United States.

Church days are probably one of the best occasions to see family and friends that you don’t normally get to see very often due to various reasons. So that’s why we are going to tell you the 5 tips for buying the best women’s church suit.

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The Color


Color is an important factor when buying attire and every woman must have a rainbow of colors in her wardrobe. The best way to select the color of your new church suit depends solely on the season and whether or not you have activities planned after the service. For spring and summer time, bright colors are the way to go, while dark hues are preferred for the colder winter and autumn times.

The Fit

A general rule of thumb would be never to buy a church suit without trying it first, according to church suit experts at designerchurchsuits.com


A woman should always feel comfortable no matter what type of clothing she wears. The same goes for church suits. A woman should buy her new church suit based on the fit. The suit must look flattering and the fit should be perfect. The suit must fit you properly so that you can feel comfortable while standing and sitting. Free movement is only part of it, and it’s all down to the fit.

Sets or Separates?

A general rule of thumb would be to buy church suits as separates, as they can also be sold in sets. When buying separates, it’s easier to get closer to your custom size. Another brilliant thing when buying separates is that you can buy what you need. Buying a separate jacket to accommodate your bottom parts will be a more economical purchase, instead of buying a full church suit set that you don’t really need.



As with any type of clothing, church suits can be eighter bought from well-known designers that cost a fortune, or from lesser-known that come with a lower price tag. In between those, there are mid-level women’s church suits that stay in between the $200 and $400 price range.  The price of a church suit is entirely up to you and your budget. If you want to spend $600 on a designer church suit, then you should do it if you have the money. But if you don’t have the money, there are plenty of cheaper options out there that no one will ever question the price.


Shoes can eighter make or break your church outfit. When purchasing church suits, always go with the shoes that you’re planning on wearing to church. This will make sure that you don’t buy a mismatch and look silly.