6 Best Smallest ATX Cases In 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Maybe you thought that deciding on the main components for your PC is hard, to choose a 41-inch or 25-inch monitor, etc., and now that you’ve decided what components you want there is still something missing. Visit Fixthephoto to find all these missing components at affordable price. You need to find that perfect case for your new PC. If you decided you want to have a small case in 2024, so you don’t have a problem fitting it anywhere you want, we are here to help you.

We made a list of the best smallest ATX cases. Read our list and you will know which case best suits your needs. Here is the list:

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1. Thermaltake Core G3


This case is the best slim case out there. It’s one of the highest quality cases and it has a sleek and slim design. You can fit it anywhere you want and it won’t consume too much of your space. In this case, you can fit all of the powerful components for a very powerful and excellent PC that can even support 4K VR gaming.

The Features:

  • Supports 12” x 9.6” (ATX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), and 6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX)
  • Supports 2 x 2.5” or 2 x 3.5” storage drives with HDD cage
  • Supports 2 x 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator in the front and a 120mm top fan
  • Maximum: GPU length 310mm, CPU cooler height 110mm, and SFX PSU length 130mm
  • Handy Top-Front I/O with USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, and HD Audio jacks
  • Compatible with up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080/1070
  • Two expansion slots

Pros and Cons:

Pros: This case is very affordable. It has a lightweight design. You can place it vertically or horizontally. It already has 2 pre-installed 120mm fans, and it is made of high-quality SPCC

Cons: This case is not perfect, so the main con that it has is that it doesn’t support the standard PSU

2. Corsair Carbide Air 540


This brand is famous for very good PC products and components, and this case is one of their best ones. It has a dual-chamber design, it has drives and PSU on the back chamber, and the motherboard, GPU, CPU, and memory care on the main chamber. The airflow that hits the main chamber components keeps the system cool.

Key Features:

  • Supports E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX
  • Up to 6 x 120mm or 5 x 140mm case fans
  • Features 4 x 2.5”, 2 x 3.5”, and 2 x 5.25” drive bays
  • 3 pre-installed 140mm Corsair Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans
  • Maximum: GPU length 320mm, CPU cooler height 170mm, and standard ATX PSU length 250mm
  • 8 PCI-E slots
  • Front I/O with USB 3.0 x 2 and Audio In/Outports

Pros and Cons:

Pros: The design of this case is beautiful, the case is made of steel and it is pretty spacious. It has very good cooling capabilities and easy cable management.

Cons: The main con of this case that it is a bit pricey if you want to build a budget PC.

3. Rosewill Cullinan


If the looks are important for you, then this case is something that you need to have. It has beautiful edge-to-edge tinted tempered glass panels on the sides and in the front. This case is elegant, good looking and it has pre-installed 4 x 120mm Blue LED fans.

Key Features:

  • Supports Micro ATX, ATX, XL-ATX, and E-ATX motherboards
  • Supports 360mm radiator on top and front
  • Supports up to 7 fans: 3 x 120/140mm in the front, up to 3 x 120mm (or 2 x 140mm) at the top, and a 120/140mm rear fan
  • Maximum: GPU length 420mm, CPU cooler height 180mm, and PSU length 240mm
  • 2 x 3.5” and 2 x 2.5” internal drive bays
  • Made of high-quality plastic, steel, and tempered glass
  • 7 PCI-E slots for system expansion
  • Top-mounted I/O with USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, Audio In/Out, and a Fan-Speed control button

Pros and Cons:

Pros: You will always have a smooth airflow because this case has pre-installed dust filters. The design is beautiful and sleek, but also solid and made from good material.

Cons: The only con in our opinion of this case is that the space behind the motherboard tray is super tight.

4. Riotoro CR1080

This is a very simple case, but if that’s something that you like then everything is okay. It is also one of the smallest ATX cases that can support Full-ATX motherboards.

Key Features:

Compatible with ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards

Maximum: GPU length 300mm, CPU cooler height 122mm, and PSU length 220mm

Drive Bays: 5.25″ x 1, 3.5″ x 1, and 2.5″ x 1. Plus a convertible 3.5″/2.5″ x 1

A top I/O with USB 3.0 x 2 and Audio In/Out

A dual-chamber design with a transparent side-window panel for showing off your build

7 PCI-E slots

It supports up to 2 x 120mm fans in the front and an 80mm rear fan

Pros and Cons:

Pros: This is one of the most affordable cases on this list, it has pre-installed 120mmm Blue LED fan, it also has dust filters and the cable management is super clean.

Cons: When it comes to cons you should know that the motherboard tray opening is very tight and the material from which this case is built is aluminum so it’s not that solid and strong.

5. Rosewill Cullinan PX Series Cube Case


Another Rosewill case, but this one is very budget-friendly. All of your hot components like GPU, CPU, and MOBO will get constant airflow and good cooling, and all of the cool components are hidden and stuck in the back. It has a full window tinted tempered glass which gives this case a good design and looks.

Key Features:

  • Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Maximum: GPU length 310mm and CPU cooler height 120mm
  • Supports up to 7 fans: 2 x 120mm in the front, 2 x 120mm at the bottom, 2 x 120/140mm at the top, and an 80mm rear fan
  • Allows up to 280mm long liquid-cooling radiators at the top or a 240mm in the front
  • Supports 2 x 3.5” and up to 3 x 2.5” internal storage drives
  • Front I/O with USB 3.0 x 2 and Audio In/Out jacks
  • 7 PCI-E slots

Pros and Cons:

Pros: This is the most affordable and budget-friendly case on our list. It has a great dual-chamber for high airflow, and it comes with 3 pre-installed 120mm LED front fans, in three colors, blue, red or green.

Cons: The only thing that might not suit you is that it doesn’t support 360mm radiator.

6. Corsair Carbide 400C


We are going to end our list with one premium case. This Corsair case has a great, modern, all-steel design. It has a full side panel window, which looks very beautiful, but it is also very strong and durable.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Maximum: GPU length 370mm, CPU cooler height 170mm, and PSU length 190mm
  • Drive Bays: 3.5″ x 2, and 2.5″ x 32
  • Pre-installed AF120L and AF140L fans
  • Supports up to a 360mm front, a 240mm top, and a 120mm rear radiator
  • Supports up to 6 case fans: 3 x 120mm front, 2 x 120/140mm top, and a 120mm rear fan
  • 7 PCI-E slots

Pros and Cons:

Pros: You can easily assemble and maintain this case, you get 2 pre-installed Corsair AF series fans and a very good build quality. And another thing, this case is built to run very quietly.

Cons: There is, of course, something that isn’t that great and the thing is that this case doesn’t have optical drive bays and fan controller.

Final Words

We hope that we helped you with this list and that now you know which case best suits your needs.