6 Must-Use Parenting Tips

These are some of the parenting tips I wish I knew before my kid was born. So, try to make use of them.

Here they are…

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Kids must sleep early


Insist that your kids sleep early. According to studies, the kids who sleep after 9 p.m. were socially and academically sloppy.

Sleeping early is great because it:

– Teaches discipline

– Builds good sleeping habits (which can prevent future sleep problems like anxiety)

Kids must make their beds


Making the bed is the FIRST WIN of the day. For kids, it teaches responsibility and cleanliness.

You don’t them to grow careless, do you?

Having the kids abed early helps you relax as well. This is especially important if you have sleep issues, and some people are taking provigil to counter them. If you want to learn more about this medication go to healthline.com

Kids should never be spanked (ever)

Spanking – especially toddlers – slows their mental and social progress.

Kids must play sports


Running, yoga and meditation build discipline and focus on kids. So, teach them to yours.

According to studies, kids who exercised often outperformed their peers in Math and Science. Studies also show that the kids who played music had high verbal and executive skills.

So, what will you teach them?

Kids must watch less TV

Limit T.V. time to just 2 hours a day. Studies say that toddlers’ cognitive and social abilities decline with every hour they watch T.V. They also say that kids who watch action movies grow more violent than those who don’t.

Like father like son


Lead by example and the kids will follow. A study by UCLA says that partners who share house labor raise smarter kids.

Want them healthy? Eat healthily and exercise together.

Want them disciplined? Do chores together.

Want them respectful? Don’t disrespect your partner in front of them.

Be a role model. For you, and for them.