6 Things Happy People Do

Did you know that happy students get the highest grades? Or that happy singles make better couples than depressed ones? As cheesy as it sounds, acquiring a decent level of happiness will affect your career, income, love-life and wellbeing. So, today I made a list of six things you can do now to be happy – even by 10 percent.

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They Don’t pursue happiness all the time


Don’t pursue happiness all the time. Studies found that obsessing about happiness may disappoint you.  Embracing hardships and failures, however, toughens you.

They learn from happier people

Studies show that you can learn any skill by escorting those who possess it. Similarly, you can be happier by shadowing cheerful people. You’ll soon copy their positive attitude and fun habits without much effort.

They enjoy more sun (Every Day)

Wake up early and enjoy as much sun as possible.


Scientists found that depression may occur when serotonin – the mood-regulating hormone – is low in the brain. According to studies, sunlight exposure releases serotonin which can combat bad moods. One of the ways is using Trintellix and if you want to read more about it, you can visit Healthline.

They smile (A lot)

Can a botched plastic surgery make you happy?

Well, yes.


First, you must understand the link between facial expression and emotions. Forcing a smile when you’re angry reduces bitterness. According to a study by Cardiff University, Botox injection makes you happier when it compromises your ability to frown. So simply, smile more; it tricks your brain to be happy. Plus, people will like you more.

Postponed worries

Don’t resist worries or give them time. Instead, acknowledge then shelve these worries for another day. I learned it from Ramit Sethi, the famous blogger, and bestselling author. He calls it, the Worry Vault Technique, and it strikes gold.

How does it work?

Whenever Sethi worries about a future thing, he throws it in an imaginary mental vault and says, “I’ll worry about it tomorrow.” Thinking this way relaxes and energizes him.


You’ll be happier if you start the day with listing five things you’re grateful for.

According to studies, saying gratitude every day makes you healthier than those who don’t.

Another study by Utah University compared between three actions:


1) Writing about things you’re grateful for

2) Writing about current problems

3) Writing about future big events

After monitoring all groups for ten weeks, they noticed that the grateful group topped the rest by 34 percent in motivation and optimism.