7 Personality Traits that Help You Choose a Career in Family Physician

Being an aspiring physician, one question that comes to your mind is what type of doctor you want to be. Many students are not sure about the medical specialty they should pursue that suits best with their personality. Deciding which medical specialty to chose is not an easy feat, many students find it difficult to make this big, life-altering decision.

Whether you are thinking of applying to medical school or currently studying in a renowned medical university, then consider family medicine as your medical specialty. Choosing a career in family medicine is a worthwhile decision of your life that will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and widen your experience.


Here are a few personality traits that will help you better decide the career in family medicine is a perfect choice for you.

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YouLike Variety

If you are one of those who like changes in life and willing to accept challenges, then a career in family medicine is the right fit for you. You will enjoy a career in family medicine as you will encounter a variety of patients of all ages with diverse background and cultures. You will deal with a variety of clinical cases and create treatment plans for a number of ailments. From mild to serious, as a family medicine doctor, you will diagnose many medical conditions and create medical plans for a variety of patients at different stages in their lifespan.


Many people find family medicine a good career choice as they don’t want to limit their skills to one field. Variety is one of the positive things that many people love about this medical field.

You have Problem Solving Skills

Being a family physician, you might see two patients with similar symptoms but have totally different medical conditions. You need to diagnose the right ailment and devise an effective treatment plan for your patients. Family physicians are creative problem solvers and have skills to create treatment plans as per the personal choices and financial situations of the patients.


You have Strong Communication Skills

Having strong communication skills is necessary to become a great family physician as they have to convey the information to their patients in an easily digestible way. Since you will encounter patients of different background, ages, and cultures, you have the ability to communicate with your patients in a way that is easy to understand.


You are Friendly by Nature

If you have the ability to easily mingle with people, choosing a career in family medicine is a wise option. Family physicians treat the same patients and their families throughout their lifetime; having interpersonal skills will help you develop meaningful relationships with your patients. They learn the names of their patients, their children,and their profession. They treat a number of health issues of their patients. When you deal with the medical problems of your patients on a personal level, it will make you the most trusted source of health information for their patients. Building long-term, strong relationships with your patients will help you eliminate all the worries and problems of your patients while giving you a sense of satisfaction and feel like a community.


You are Always Willing to Learn New Things

Being a family physician, you are responsible for diagnosing, treating and preventing a variety of health issues that usually occur in people of all ages. It will give you a sense of accomplishment that you can successfully handle a wide range of health issues without the help of any specialist. However, in some complex cases, you can refer your patients to specialists.


You want Job Security

Family medicine is one of the most in-demand careers,and the  demand for primary care physicians is expected to grow in the near future. You will find a number of career opportunities in a myriad of health care settings. You can find a job in medical centers, hospitals or simply run your own private clinic. All in all, choosing a career in primary care is a sensible decision as it offers job security for the long haul.


You want to Serve Humanity

Since you are seeing a variety of patients and playing an active role in diagnosing different diseases, monitoring medications, creating effective treatment plans for acute and chronic disorders and screening for risk factors and health issues before symptoms manifest. It will play a key role in improving the overall health and longevity of your patients. If you want to serve humanity, family medicine is the right career choice for you.


Over to You

All in all, a career in family medicine is an incredibly rewarding option for medical school students. They will get the opportunity to enjoy a myriad of clinical cases and play a vital role in the field of healthcare. If you are planning for the future and currently studying in a Medical School, you need to work hard and maintain a high GPA to be eligible for this lucrative career option.