7 Simple Ways To Improve Posture And Spinal Alignment

Most people do not realize that they are changing their posture until people start telling them or they stand before a mirror. By this time, the posture is so poor that it will need some time to improve it. The good news is that there are sure and effective ways that can help correct your posture and spinal alignment.

For instance, you should seat correctly while driving and working in the office. Sleep in the right position, stand correctly, do exercise and use the right mattress. Let’s have a look at these ways.

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1. Correct Position While Driving

Anytime you bend towards the steering wheel, seat too far away from the steering wheel or too low to see the road; chances are that you will have a posture as well as a spinal problem.
Worst still is that when you use this kind of a posture every time you drive, your body posture, too, changes. Finally, you may have to deal with spinal issues all your life.


Therefore, improve your posture by seating close to the steering wheel, allowing your back to have sufficient support, and making sure that you can see the road without any strain.

2. Use The Right Mattress

While it may not look like it will help with body posture, a sagging mattress forces you to sleep in a poor posture and affects your back muscles which makes your spine not to align accordingly.


Si, to improve your posture and maintain a proper spine alignment, avoid sleeping on a sagging mattress. You would rather buy a new one that allows you to sleep comfortably or add a mattress topper to give it the right firmness so as to provide you with enough support.

3. Use An Ergonomic Chair

Using the right chair in your office can help improve your posture. This chair forces you to sit in a particular posture. Also, remember that once your body gets used to something new, it starts adapting to it naturally, right?


There are some websites discuss these matters like FreeYourSpine suggests using an ergonomic office chair to prevent posture issues and poor spinal alignment. You can use a chair that allows you to adjust it so as to give you back the right support thus improving the posture.

4. Do Exercise

Doing some exercise, especially one that focuses on your spine is essential.
Such exercise includes high plank post that gives your body strength and balance thus giving you a good posture. A side plank helps in neutral maintenance of the spinal alignment. A downward posing helps in relieving any back pains you may be experiencing.


However, do not do any exercise if the pain on your spine is due to an accident. Consult your doctor before doing any exercise in such circumstances.

5. Use The Right Sleeping Position

If when you wake up in the morning, you experience pain on your back, your sleeping position is not right, and you need to correct it.


I highly recommend using a pillow to support your head. However, ensure that your head is in the normal position. That is, it is not too high. The other thing is to ensure that your back maintains a good (natural) curve while you sleep. You can also consider adding a pillow under your knees to give your spine a good balance.

6. Stand Properly

How do you achieve the right way of standing? Simple. While ensuring that there is equal weight on your feet and a little more on your ball’s feet; stand while your feet hip-width is apart.


Also, ensure that your toes are pointing forward. Next, press your shoulder’s backwards then bends your knees slightly. It calls for discipline, but within a short time, you will see a significant improvement in your posture.

7. Avoid High Heeled Shoes

The type of shoes you wear can affect your spine and posture. For instance, high heeled shoes. Also, shoes without enough pudding may cause you trouble with your spine when you stand for long.
So, any time you are buying shoes, ensure that you buy those that have excellent arch support and enough padding to help you maintain a good posture.


In conclusion, acquiring a poor posture that affects your spine is easy but improving it may not be as easy as it may sound. However, with the above 7 ways, it is possible to correct your posture and align your spine accordingly.