8 Natural Ways You Can Reduce Hyperpigmentation – 2024 Guide

Hyperpigmentation can occur on the skin as a result of the skin producing excess melanin. These are pretty common during pregnancy and aging. Some people are more and some are less prone to these changes and in some, they are less and in some more visible.

No matter what is the cause of the dark spots that appeared many people are not very fond of them and will go the extra mile to get rid of them. There are many natural remedies that can help reduce them, and here, we will list the ones that actually work.

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1. Lemon juice


This is the most famous brightening natural product there is. It is simple, available and almost fool-proof to use. The acid in the lemon and vitamin C can trigger a reaction in the skin and if applied directly on the spot reduce the pigmentation. The mechanism is very simple; the acid reaches the spot and causes pigment degradation. This process is very slow, but some people swear by it.

2. Potatoes


This is probably something everyone has in their home, and you can use the raw potato to reduce the places with excess pigment. Cut the potato in half, massage the places you want to lighten with the potato, and let it sit for no more than five minutes. After this time, just wash it with water and repeat it a few times a day. The probable reason this can work is the enzyme called catecholase which is found in the potatoes.

3. Onion


Filled with substances that contain sulfur, onions are a good remedy for dark spots in most cultures. The juice of onion contains sulfuric compounds that are acidic which are preferable when treating dark spots since the acid will promote pigment degradation.

In addition to compounds that are acidic, onions have a lot of antioxidants, purple ones do contain higher amounts of antioxidants, and they are therefore more convenient to be used in the treatment of dark spots. Juices of the onion should be fresh and applied to the affected area no more than two times a day.

4. Lotions


There are many lotions in the market that promise to reduce pigmentations of the spots. These lotions do contain natural products and extracts. Most of them will contain vitamin C and retinol which are both very famous in pharmaceutical circles that help with the decrease in pigmentation by reaching the pigment and making it degrade.

Be very cautious when choosing these products, since some cannot be used if you are pregnant and others may cause allergies in people sensitive to the ingredients. This is why it is good to check the label. If you are searching for a good lotion, be free to check out clarinsusa.com and try out their products.

5. Oats


Famous for their soothing effect in cosmetics as well as great nutritional value, oats can be used in the treatment of dark spots as well. The way it works is that it physically removes dead parts of the skin from the surface and promotes growth and regeneration of new skin.

By doing so your skin will look younger and hyperpigmentation will decrease. Oats should be mixed with milk or water and used as any scrub on the face. Be sure not to be too rough in order to avoid any skin damage. Use this scrub once a week in order to give your skin enough time to regenerate.

6. Tomatoes


Tomatoes can be used in reducing hyperpigmented sports of the skin for many reasons. Firstly, their juices are filled with Vitamin C and are acidic, and as known, the acid combined with Vitamin C is good in the treatment of sports.

Secondly, one of the active ingredients in tomatoes is lycopene that has proven to have health benefits. Lycopene is produced in tomatoes as protection from UV radiation, and as mentioned, UV lights are promoting melanin production and increase of dark spots. This remedy should not be used more than once a day.

7. Papaya


This fruit smells so good and any usage of it on your face will be very pleasant. The mechanism of action is the chemical peeling of the skin with a specific enzyme found in the fruit itself. Be very careful with using this since it may cause an allergy in sensitive people, so check it on the inner part of your hand before you use it on your face or other body parts.

The way to use this fruit is to make a paste out of it, mix it with milk and honey (avoid it if allergic to pollen). Use this as a mask and let it process for no longer than thirty minutes. Once done, wash off the excess with a lot of water and use it at least once a day.

8. Aloe


This wonderful plant from the family Asphodelaceae is well known for its remedial properties. Not only do the juices from the Aloe vera plant be used to treat sunburns, but if you apply it directly onto the spots It will create a protective film from that notorious UV radiation.

The way to make a lotion of it is to mix the center of the plant that is gel-like and mix it with a bit of honey, again avoid honey if allergic to it or pollen. Mixed paste should be applied to the affected areas and leave it for up to twenty minutes. After the skin has absorbed the content, use water to wash the face. Do not use this more often than once in seven days.



No matter which remedy you choose to be sure to protect these parts of the body from the sunlight since melanin production is triggered by UV light from the sun. This is a natural way for your body to protect deeper layers of skin from DNA damage, so if you are treating the spots, be sure to stay away from direct sunlight or protect it with a high SPF as possible. By doing so the treatment will be more successful and you will reduce new sports to emerge.