Advantages of Obtaining Cyprus Permanent Residency

The Republic of Cyprus is the third largest and the most populous island in the Mediterranean. It is known for its relaxed lifestyle and slow pace of life, making it the ideal destination for people looking for a more relaxed and comfortable living experience both in lifestyle and work. English speaking expats find it easy to integrate with the local society since the spoken language in Cyprus is English. Also, the country has a high standard of education.

Cyprus cost of living is affordable compared to the average cost of countries that are in the European Union. One of the biggest attractions of this country for investors and entrepreneur is the low tax rate, Cyprus also has a robust infrastructure, a well-connected communication system, and the country enjoys a warm and sunny climate most of the year, that’s why most of them choose Cyprus as the base for their business or investments.

Enjoy living in Cyprus and discover the advantages of obtaining permanent residency there!

There are many advantages to having Cyprus permanent residency. The country is a part of the European Union, its accords its citizens with an excellent quality of life, and a high quality of living and low living cost. Getting permanent residency is Cyprus is a quick, simple process. Cyprus is soon will become a member of the Schengen area. Enable their holders to travel freely across Europe. Permanent residency also applies to the spouse of the main applicant and his children below the age of 18 years old. Permanent residence in Cyprus is eligible to buy a property and do not have to pay inherited tax.

How can you obtain Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Cyprus?

There are new amendments in Cyprus investment program, as the Cyprus cabinet has approved on a number of changes to the county’s Citizenship by investment program in February 2019 that will be effected on May 2019.

And about Cyprus permanent residency, it is granted by qualified applicants and their families from Non-EU countries upon passing the new diligence process and meeting the investment criteria. And you can invest in Cyprus permanent residency program in investing in a real estate with a minimum amount of 300,000 Euro.

This is an excellent program for people who are willing to settle down or retire in a country or hoping to access a wide range of high-quality educational system and a health care system. The applicant will get a permanent residency permit within two months. The holders of the permanent residency can apply for citizenship after seven years of legal residence in Cyprus.