Amazon Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited

Here you can find a detailed comparison of two services for readers, Prime Reading, which is a part of the Amazon Prime membership and Kindle Unlimited which is a digital subscription that is a standalone.
We will discuss the main features, the available books, devices you can use them on and deals.

First we are going to define both of the services briefly.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription based service that stands on its own and with it over a million kindle ebooks will be available for you. The monthy cost is $9.99 but you get the first month for free.

Amazon Prime Reading is a subscription that includes multiple things and costs you $12.99 a month. With it you have unlimited access to 1000 different reads.

It is not very fair comparing these two services since they don’t offer the same things, Amazon prime reading is only one of many added benefits of Amazon Prime, whereas Kindle Unlimited gives you only the reading books part.

If we concentrate on the reading benefits of the two services then Kindle Unlimited offers a lot more. But with Amazon Prime you get other benefitd too, and the book titles rotate. They add new ones every month, but also erase some.

But, with a Prie membership you can also access, Prime Reading, Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, Kindle First and Audible Channels. The most interesting one being Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, because it gives the most options.

Side note: if you want to use KOLL you will need an Amazon device.

When it comes to format and nature both services give access to similar content. Both services offer you the same content, what that means is that you won’t find anything on Prime Reading that isn’t included on Kindle Unlimited.

Both services are available on Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and also Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. One important thing to note is that you will not be able to access the magazines from the Prime Reading catalog on your Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC.

With both services when using Kindle e-reader or Fire tablet as well as your Kindle app for Android or iOS you have the access to the catalog of both services and get books with no problem.
Both of the servocess don’t give you any deadlines for keeping your books, so you can read stress free.

What are the cancelation terms?

A good feature that both of the services offer is that you get to keep your books until the next billing period if you choose to cancel your subscription.

If we tried comparing prices, it would not make sense because what they offer is so different. But, with that being said, the different in prices is not that different, $9.99 vs $12.99.

Your subscriptions are renewed every month unless you cancel it prior.

With the Amazon Prime subscription if you opt for the year subscription then it will be cheaper, at $9.92 a month.

The Kindle Unlimited offers this type of saving opportunity:

25% on 6-month subscription – $44.95 $59.94,
33% on 12-month subscription – $80.32 $119.88,
40% on 24-month subscription – $143.85 $239.76.

They also have good deals on black Friday and cyber Monday, so if you are not in hurry, you should wait for that time of the year.

What we can conclude is that Amazon Prime reading is better for people who read occasionaly, and Kindle Unlimited for avid ones. But if you are into bestsellers that have recently come out, neither of these will satisfy your need.