5 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaners

It is considered that the average person spends 80% -90% of their free time indoors. Then we should not be surprised by the human desire for everything to be neat and clean to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Regular dusting and vacuuming can improve the air we breathe. There must be a better way to spend your free time, and at least have someone (or something) do the housework for you. We have three words for you – robot vacuum cleaner!

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What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

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Like most people, doing household chores brings darkness to your eyes. You might be happy to think you have a little robot to clean for you. A robot vacuum cleaner can beautify the floor of your home for now, but that’s the beginning. It is an automatic cleaner equipped with sensors, which you can program to vacuum your home. The device is designed so that the time you would otherwise spend vacuuming the house, you can now spend on another activity.

What you will get by buying this device is saving time, because it is enough to program it and do the vacuuming job for you. Thanks to its shape and much smaller dimensions than a classic vacuum cleaner, it will be able to reach places where a classic device cannot. They are also quieter and produce less noise than conventional vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaner collects dirt with brushes that direct the dirt towards a strong vacuum that sucks it into a small tank. Unlike an ordinary, it is driven by two large wheels, independently controlled by a separate electric motor.

Are robot vacuum cleaners efficient in their business?

Although technology has undoubtedly improved our lives, the beginning of all technological solutions has not been without difficulties in operation. And so, it is logical to ask since the robot vacuum cleaner is a relative novelty in cleaning, does it do its job well? When they appeared on the market, these vacuum cleaners were a taboo topic and no one took them seriously. The main reason for this is that they failed to clean the whole room in detail or, in the event of an obstacle, they simply got stuck. Like any technology, these vacuum cleaners have made significant progress in the last few years, so today they are truly valuable helpers in household chores.

Robot cleaners are not strong and do not have the power we are used to with ordinary vacuum cleaners, but after guests who have spent a few days in the apartment, the robot vacuum cleaner will do a great job. For this purpose, it is a great investment that will make your job much easier. Of course, you should also keep in mind that quality depends on the manufacturer and model. With technology, the golden rule is that more expensive things are better, and this is an investment that is not worth saving.

What are the disadvantages of these vacuum cleaners and why is it important to buy a quality one?

1. Suction power

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We mentioned that these vacuum cleaners do not have the suction power as classic ones, but there are also differences between the models themselves. If you want the job done right, don’t regret giving a few dollars more, and be sure the investment is worthwhile. On veavon you can learn more about good quality robot vacuum cleaners which will make it much easier for you to tidy up the house.
Let’s see how else a good robot differs from a bad robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Battery

The robot vacuum cleaner battery lasts extremely short – on average only about 2 hours. As a rule, 2 hours is enough to vacuum the space, but it depends on the size of your home. Due to improper walking and moving on the floor, a robot vacuum cleaner needs more time to vacuum than a classic vacuum cleaner. And if it’s still a large room, then 2 hours is not necessarily enough for a robot vacuum cleaner to do the job. Cheap vacuum cleaners will work much shorter and turn off before they even vacuum the room.

3. Charging takes longer

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Certain models charge very slowly, even for a few hours, so breaks between cleanings could take a little longer.

4. The quality

Although at first glance you may not notice any obvious differences between the cheap and more expensive model, you will notice them in the look itself if you look a little more carefully or feel the armor of the vacuum cleaner. Quality vacuum cleaners are usually a little heavier and more stable, and the plastic is of better quality. Because they get under the furniture when vacuuming, the plastic could be damaged if it is of poor quality.

5. Sensors break down quickly

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All robot vacuum cleaners work well on hard and smooth floors. There are also robotic vacuum cleaners that clean carpets. It all depends on the right combination of brush and strong suction power. Some robotic vacuum cleaners recognize the edges of carpets and therefore will not get stuck on them. There are also robotic vacuum cleaners that can detect additional dirty spots and go there a couple of times to vacuum as efficiently as possible. We mentioned that these devices can be damaged if the plastic is of poor quality. If we also tell you that cheap models also have bad sensors, so they are more likely not to recognize the edge and be damaged, will you consider buying a better one?

How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner?

If you use a robot vacuum cleaner regularly, we recommend that you take good care of it. This means cleaning the sensors and filter regularly and cleaning or replacing brushes and wheels. This is very important for the life of your robotic vacuum cleaner. It is also important to empty the dust container after each cleaning. Take care of the parts so you can replace them when the time comes.