4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Electrical Work & Always Call the Professionals

Electricity is not something to be messed with. Almost every household experiences electric repair once in every while. While most of the people call professional electricians for electric repairs, a few others pull their socks up to experiment with their DIY electric repair skills. The latter approach is considered hazardous and refuted by many professionals. It doesn’t yield any results for people who have zero knowledge in electric work. In addition to that, it can turn out to be dangerous or even life-threatening if you don’t handle the electric work with care and attention.

People who are unaware of the intensity and type of electric issue involved tend to call just any other electrician to look into the issue. This is plain wrong. As there are a lot of factors involved in electric work too, it is appropriate to call the right electrician for different types of issues. For example, residential electric issues will be handled by someone effectively but the same person may not be able to handle industrial electric issues.

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Why should you avoid DIY electrical work?

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It is quite obvious that self-experimentation with electric work can lead to electric shocks, short circuits, and other similar intense consequences. There are also other reasons why you should avoid risking your life in the name of DIY electric repairs.

1. Electrocution

Professional electricians attempt to repair your electricity issues with all prior and adequate safety measures that ensure they are safe and secure even in the face of any adverse situations.

But, unlike them, you are not as safe. Even if you want to and take primary safety measures, the safety equipment you have with you is not enough to keep you safe in case of any unforeseen hazards. The last thing you would want while playing with electricity is burning yourself. Hence, amateurs and non professionals are strictly advised to stay away from DIY electric repairs.

2. Can turn out costly in future

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Touch wood, even if everything goes just fine and you end up achieving the toughest task without any expert assistance, you may end up in trouble in the longer term. Because, it is impossible for a layman to understand the underlying schematics of electric work inside the walls. Even if you have repaired something from the surface, the underlying issue might have remained the same. It may turn out to be something intense in the longer run and cost you more.

3. Illegal

In some countries or regions, it is illegal to touch or attempt to self repair electric issues without professional help. It can even land you in legal troubles. Hence, you wouldn’t want to end in a double-jeopardy situation. Burning your house and not able to claim property losses is surely a pain. And, bearing legal expenses on top of it can be excruciating.

4. Impacts home insurance

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God forbid, if something unfortunate happens, it may impact your house insurance claims in a negative way. Some insurance companies mention everything clearly. If your house is burnt due to short circuit and negligence of handling electricity, you may become ineligible to claim your home insurance.

Why should you call professional electricians?

From inspecting to handling everything in a professional manner, there are a lot of reasons why professional electricians are the way forward for all your electric issues.

1. Safe

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The first reason you should call a professional electrician is to keep yourself and your home safe. As they tend to inspect and repair electric issues with great care, everything goes in a safe environment. Hence, your safety is assured under expert guidance.

2. Professional approach

Not only is it safe for you, it is safe for the electricians too. Because they are well aware of all the things associated with electric repairs. They take adequate safety measures to avoid any unpleasant situations to themselves, you, and your home. So, everything is operated under professional guidance. To avoid unpleasant consequences in any way, it is better to seek professional electricians’ assistance.

3. Short circuit

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All electric works are indeed complex for a layman to understand. There are a lot of wires and connections even for a small connection. Not everyone can understand them. It requires prior knowledge and experience to decode what is what. Even a minor mistake can lead to a short circuit and burn your house.

A small mistake in connection can crash the entire system. That is the level of seriousness associated, if you aren’t already aware about how potentially hazardous electricity can be. Hence, professionals do not let these mistakes cripple in as they already know what is what.

4. Permit

Some regions require you to have prior permission to handle and attempt to repair electric issues. In such regions, most of the electricians already possess such permits, whereas you don’t. Such irresponsible behaviour can even land you in legal troubles.

Even if some mishap happens, since the electricians have their permits, they are good to go. But, if the same thing happens in your case, it can be damaging in nature for you in various aspects.

Thus, electricians are the best option to avoid yourself in trouble.


Despite repeated warnings many people still play and experiment with electric work. It is a strict no. If you are one amongst those people, who hardly pay heed to such suggestions. Watch out, you are at risk. Some people think that professional help is costly. But, health care expenses can be even more expensive if something unexpected and disturbing even happens. Hence, it is better to always seek professional help to avoid falling victim to tricky and dangerous situations.