8 Ways You Can Avoid a DUI or DWI Charge

The effects of an arrest after driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated can be devastating for the driver. A DUI is basically the offense of driving while being impaired by alcohol or prescription drugs to a level that makes it unsafe to drive.

When you are pulled over by a police car, even on a normal day, you feel nervous that you may end up in any charge. You could get your driving license taken away or end up in jail for even a minor driving charge.

Everybody wants to avoid such a situation that could hurt someone when driving. Moreover, it can result in hefty fines and can ruin one’s reputation. The DUI offense will be added to your criminal record, making it hard to pass some job interviews. Unless you hire an expert impaired driving lawyer like Alan Pearse, at calgaryduilawyer.ca, it is hard to set yourself free from any charges.

Nobody intentionally gets involved in drunk driving, but there are certain ways you can adapt to prevent DUI or DWI. Here are some great tips to get your driving habits on the straight track and make sure you never drank drive again.

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1. Avoid Drinking on an Empty Stomach

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Even though, drinking itself is harmful for your health if consumed more than normal levels. But even so, if you can’t seem to resist, make sure to avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. Your blood alcohol level rises at a faster rate and gets absorbed slowly on an empty stomach.

Eating a big meal before alcohol will not make you drunk as quickly. It is best to go for foods containing proteins, fats, and carbs like meat.
One way to slow down the absorption rate of alcohol is to drink water before and after. Avoid carbonated drinks while drinking as it can make you quite drunk.

2. You Can Spend a Night at a Nearby Place

Most road inspections tend to happen at night, and so do parties and or simple gatherings having liquor. To decrease your chances of getting suspected and pulled over, it is best to avoid driving back to your place.

If you are out drinking, stay at your friend’s place who lives nearby, or simply catch a ride with someone who is sober. A simple move like this can make things easier for you and avoid situations where you may end in jail.

Make sure not to sleep right away if you are heavily drunk, it could lead to health problems. If your friend is drinking beside you, escort him or her safely to their home so that they do not end up making horrible decisions.

Drive Only When you Get Sober

Driver due to being subject to test for alcohol content with use of breathalyzer

Afar having an alcoholic drink, you cannot do things like drinking water or coffee to sharpen your senses and try to get sober. It may awaken you in some way, but your bloodstream still has the alcohol and it can show up in blood test results if you end up getting arrested.

The only way for you to get sober again is to wait for your liver to get rid of the liquor. You will have to wait for some hours to get rid of alcohol from your body.

Call a Designated Driver or UBER

One of the best ways to avoid a DUI charge is to not drive after you have been drinking heavily. Hand over your keys to a friend who is sober to take you home.
If you are alone with your car, you can leave it at the parking lot and call for a UBER driver or get any other driving services. To avoid an expensive taxi drive, you can take a bus or subway train back home. Riding public transport should be your option when you are not heavily drunk.

You can start an Event Early

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Other than drinking at home at night, you can start your party or event early so people have more time to get sober before it’s time to go home. It can help people enjoy some drinks without getting in danger of getting drunk and then driving.

Party hosts can make arrangements and check if any person is drunk and if someone can pick or drop them at their homes.

Starting earlier makes it easy to get home safely. Moreover, getting access to public transport and designated drivers get easier if you are not late out in the streets. It’s better to take precautions so that no one ends up getting hurt or ending up in jail.

Make Efforts for Previous DUI Offenders

If you know someone who has violated DUI previously, take time and make efforts to mandate ignition interlocks on their cars. Such devices can measure alcohol levels by sensing the driver’s breath.

If the alcohol level in the body is above normal, it will automatically prevent the car from starting. They are highly effective in preventing DUI or DWI offenses in the future.

Moreover, supporting the already established public laws can make things even easier. Like it is illegal for people under the age of twenty-one to drive with any amount of alcohol in their system.

Alcohol sellers should make it strict not to sell it if a buyer is under twenty-one years old.

Treatment Plans for Alcohol Abusers:

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Most alcohol abusers can get better with treatments. Consult a doctor and get treatment for this habitual problem. Doctors may prescribe medications or recommend an addiction center.
There are certain medications that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that can help treat alcohol use disorders.

Spread Awareness about Proper Alcohol Use

Habits usually start to build around the teen years. Make sure your surrounding schools provide instruction programs to educate on alcohol use. It can prevent cases of them riding with a drunk driver or be able to prevent a DUI in the future.

Education starts from home so it’s also the parent’s duty to set standards for alcohol for their children to follow.
A child tends to follow their parent’s behavior so make sure you set it right for them. The right influence in the early days of a teen can change the way he or she adopts certain habits.