How to Design the Ultimate Back Garden Hot Tub Oasis

Have you made the pledge that 2024 will be the year that you spend more time outdoors? Do you have a back garden that is highly underused that you’re hoping to jazz up this year? Are you hoping to create the kind of atmosphere that encourages you to get outdoors and would also be ideal for entertaining family and friends? All of these issues can be solved with one simple addition and that is the inclusion of a hot tub in your back garden design.

Here we’ll take a look at all the key steps in designing this new garden oasis that focuses on the hot tub and creates an area that is perfect for quiet relaxation or fun times entertaining your guests.

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Invest in the Right Kind of Hot Tub


The very first thing to factor into the design plan is the hot tub itself. Because it will be the central aspect of the design, everything hinges on the style, size, and type of hot tub you get. Some will say to go as big as your back garden will allow, whereas others may say to opt for something more understated and streamlined so it doesn’t take up too much room. Ultimately, it comes down to how you plan to use the hot tub and your budget.

For those who really just want to be able to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the hot tub on their own, or with a couple of other people at a time, then you don’t need one of the large hot tubs. Probably a four-person tub will do the trick. But if you’re looking to entertain large numbers of people at a time, and even use the hot for aqua sports and fitness (swim spas), then you’re going to need something much larger in size.

Just a few other things to be mindful of when shopping for the hot tub is the number of seats in the hot tub, which relates back to the size; the number of jets in the tub and at each seat; whether you want any lounge style seats; the horsepower of the tub; what material the hot tub is made from; the filtration system; and entertainment features like colour-changing lighting, fountains, and a built-in stereo system or television. You can check out companies like Oasis Leisure for more ideas and options.

Where Will You Place the Hot Tub?


The next thing to think about is where you will place the hot tub. Ideally, you will want it close to the house so that it’s simple to go indoors and change out of your wet bathing suit when you finish up in the hot tub. You probably don’t want to be heading halfway across your garden in the dark just to reach the hot tub in the evening.

Wherever it does get placed you will need to also think about the ground surrounding it. You want to be able to place it on a hard surface that is flat, so something like decking, patio stones, or interlocking brick can be a great idea. If the hot tub requires a lot of steps up to get into it, you may want to create a somewhat elevated patio around the tub so it gives the illusion that it is sunk into the ground. This also looks very customised and high-end.

Create Privacy Surrounding the Hot Tub


Then there is the issue of privacy. Of course, it would be nice to feel as though you’ve got your own private oasis while in the hot tub, and part of that will be creating some sense of privacy. This can be done in a variety of ways. You could place the hot tub inside a gazebo, or you can use options like privacy fencing, outdoor screens or lattice, or even use greenery to create a sense of natural privacy.

Much of this will be dependent on the size and layout of your back garden as you want to be sure that whatever privacy option you pick, it still blends with the rest of the outdoor design.

Install Outdoor Lighting


If you want to be able to use your hot tub during the day and evening hours then you’ll need to install some outdoor lighting. This makes it safe to be moving around outdoors in the dark, but also creates a more welcoming atmosphere. The great thing about outdoor lighting is the number of options available today. You can truly get as creative as you like with your design and make the whole garden feel luxurious and elegant.

There’s no need to only focus the lighting on the hot tub itself; you can also illuminate the pathway leading to the hot tub, the stairs, the architectural features of your house and garden, etc. Also, if you have a deck or patio, you can add lights to it as well. You’re creating a whole scene and lighting plays an integral role.

The Décor and Accessories Will Pull It Together


Once you’ve gotten all the basics covered in your design, it’s time to think about the décor and accessories. These are what will pull the entire area together and really make it stand out. Some of the top items you can add include:

  • A towel rack to hang towels on while in the hot tub (make sure it’s within reach)
  • Outdoor carpeting to step onto when you get in/out of the hot tub
  • Flower planters to add colour near/around the hot tub
  • Outdoor dishes so you can enjoy drinks in the hot tub
  • An outdoor fridge so you’ve got convenient access to cold beverages while outdoors
  • Outdoor seating that you can relax on after enjoying a soak in the hot tub

If you’re ready to elevate your back garden design and make it more engaging, enjoyable, and welcoming, you can do so by adding a hot tub. It will certainly prompt you to get outdoors a lot more in 2024.