Home Improvement: Backyard Garden Design with Natural Waterfall

Backyard garden designs with a water feature instantly increase the appeal of any home. A beautiful garden waterfall surrounded by natural stones will drastically increase your curb appeal. Creating a relaxing outdoor living space will increase the value of your home. Designing a backyard garden with a natural waterfall requires thought, and planning. These tips will help you create the perfect atmosphere in your backyard.

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Aquatic Plants Are Essential

Water lilies are naturally found on ponds in nature, which is why most pond owners include them in the design. Tropical plants add a natural look to every waterfall and pond. (The pond is the pool of water that the waterfall flows into.) Surround this, and the waterfall, with beautiful plants that are naturally found in water.

Rock Walls Are Critical To Building A Natural Waterfall

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In nature, waterfalls often sit on top of a cliff. On either side, you’ll find natural rock walls. Re-create this look by building a rock wall in your backyard. Utilizing several different colors of flat decorative rocks will truly make the rock wall stand out.

The rocks need to be in the same color family to look natural. For example, use black and shades of grey together. Brown rocks will appear natural next to other shades of brown and tan. Both of these color families are naturally found in rock walls in nature.

Backyard garden waterfall rock should be in a natural color. Although pink or purple rocks are beautiful, they are not necessary to create an exquisite backyard garden waterfall. Instead, the finest backyard garden waterfall will have natural rocks that the water can flow down for more appeal. Gaps with stones can be filled with smaller rocks or left alone for a natural appeal.

For increased appeal, use the same color rocks for a creative stone fence upgrade.

Underwater Lighting Increases Appeal

Dim lighting will add an aesthetic appeal that resembles the way that a moon shines on a pool of water in nature. Making sure that the lighting is dim will add a natural touch that you do not commonly see.

Taking this a step further with brighter lights can add more appeal to a waterfall, even though it is not natural. Although most people want their waterfall design and backyard ponds to appear natural, there is a certain appeal to adding a personal touch to create the perfect waterfall.

Include A Wooden Bridge

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A backyard garden waterfall design is not complete without designing the scenery around the waterfall. Not only should your backyard garden waterfall design include aquatic plants, but it should also include any personal touches that you would like.

Putting a small bridge above the pond or waterfall will give your backyard garden waterfall design a charming appeal. This country backyard look will create a nurturing, relaxing environment.

Plan The Garden Bed Accordingly

Another part of a backyard garden waterfall design is going to be the garden itself. Take the time to plan where to plant flowers, and what flowers will be planted. Including bushes is a great idea, but homeowners also need to ensure that there is ample space for them to grow. Consider the maintenance that will be required. Owners don’t want to plan the perfect backyard garden waterfall landscape for it to become overgrown or unsightly.

Many people opt for a Japanese garden surrounding their waterfall. A Japanese garden is a backyard garden that is minimalist in nature. These gardens are designed to encourage reflection, making them a wonderful choice for a backyard water garden. When designing one of these, think of botanical gardens that are lush with greenery. A circular garden pond will look wonderful as well as a customary garden bridge.

Pondless Waterfalls Are Gorgeous

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For many parents, the pond at the bottom of a waterfall is a safety concern. Putting a fence around the pond does not make it appear natural. Because of this, many parents opt for a backyard garden waterfall feature that does not include a pond at the bottom.

Parents can have a garden bed, backyard garden waterfall landscape, and simply not include a pool of water at the bottom. This pond creates a natural look, but it is not necessary for a waterfall to function properly.

Pond Fountains

Although a pond fountain is not found in nature, it can create a gorgeous backyard garden waterfall landscape. Use a small fountain at the bottom of your backyard garden waterfall feature to make the pond at the bottom more appealing. Source: https://www.livingwateraeration.com/collections/pond-fountains.

Plan Your Sitting Area

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Many people choose to include a sitting area around their waterfall. A fireplace with garden furniture makes it the perfect spot for family time. This area might include:

  • Patio furniture
  • A fire pit
  • Toys for children
  • A smaller water feature
  • An outdoor mini fridge for wine

Sitting areas can be as minimalistic or as extensive as homeowners would like. Carefully plan a sitting area based on its intended purpose. Areas that are designed to entertain should include ample seating, for example.

Develop A Garden Blueprint

After considering what should be done to make the garden cuter, it’s critical to design the garden. Envision where the garden borders will be. Create a map of where everything will be in a garden to make that vision come to life. Determine where to place a garden water feature in the backyard garden waterfall landscape design.

In this blueprint, don’t forget things that seem like common sense, such as the rock wall. A garden waterfall rock feature will be important to remember during the planning process. Include everything from the architectural stone fountain to where to place decorative landscaping stones and field stones.

Gardening Education

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Take garden landscaping into consideration. Imagine how to garden over time. What garden tools will be necessary? Garden exploration can help not only determine how to create a garden but can also help owners learn more about gardening so that they are able to properly maintain your garden.

In Conclusion

When designing a backyard garden, think about what the space will be used for. Then, consider the minor details of the plan. Determine where to place flat spill stones and which flat stones will be used as a border. Include ornamental plants in the blueprint as well. Ornamental plants will truly bring your garden to life. Once everything is planned to perfection, it’s time to make that dream come true.