Top 5 Benefits of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Top 5 Benefits of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Are you a frequent flier? And are you, thus, constantly looking for ways to get the best perks while traveling? Well, who isn’t? Did you know that the credit card you’re using can actually have an impact on the quality of your air travel?

If not, then you probably haven’t heard of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card yet. And, it might be time to get familiar with it. Why? Because it comes with a lot of amazing benefits that you are sure to love. If unsure of whether you should get this card or not, learning about those benefits will make that decision much easier.

It’s perfectly normal for people not to apply for such cards if they don’t know much about them yet. After all, we all know how credit cards work, and getting unnecessary ones is not exactly favorable. Thus, understanding how you could benefit from this one will make it clearer whether you need it or not, and that’s precisely what I’m going to help you out with by listing the top 5 benefits below.

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1. A Sign-Up Bonus

A Sign-Up Bonus


Sign-up bonuses are always a great perk when it comes to credit cards. Not all of the providers offer it, though. And, even some that do have this option don’t always have a good offer to make. The Alaska Airlines credit card, however, certainly does have something of value to offer when it comes to the signup bonus.

When you buy one ticket, you can get the other one basically for free, paying only for the taxes and fees. Plus, you get 40,000 bonus miles. Of course, there’s a requirement to qualify you for this bonus. Making at least $3000 in purchases within 90 days of opening the account will qualify you, but that shouldn’t be a problem for avid travelers.

2. Priority Boarding

Priority boarding is also a huge benefit, as it means one rather significant thing to worry about when walking through the terminal. With this card, you’ll be boarded after the first class, the veterans, elite members, those in the premium cabin, and people who need more time. Naturally, paying for your flight with the card is a requirement to qualify you for priority boarding, but that’s completely logical already.

3. Free Bag Check

Free Bag Check


Most of those co-branded airline cards offer you the opportunity of having your bag checked for free, and the Alaska Airlines Visa certainly is no different in that regard. Book with the card, and you’ll get one bag checked for free for yourself, as well as for up to 6 people on the same reservation. When traveling a lot, this option will come quite in handy, because you’ll save a lot on having the bags checked in the long run.

Not sure how much you’d save? Usually, one checked bag costs around $30. So, every time you travel, you’ll save $30 if you have an Alaska Airlines credit card, because you’ll get one piece of luggage checked for free. And, of course, if more people are traveling with you, then you will all save even more, thus extensively cutting your traveling costs, especially if flying rather frequently from one place to another.

4. Annual Companion Fare

Do you often fly with a friend or a family member? Perhaps the most lucrative benefit for you, thus, is the annual companion fare. Spending at least $6000 during the year will qualify you for the annual companion fare that you’ll get on the anniversary of getting the card. Redeeming it is easy, as you simply have to log into your Alaska Airlines account using a desktop or a laptop computer, find the “discount and companion fare codes” and click “valid”. By clicking through on your valid companion fare code, you can use it to book your trip.

How does this benefit work precisely, though? Well, it gets you a round-trip economy ticket for your traveling partner for a much lower price than the standard one. For instance, if your flight costs $1000 with all the taxes and fees, you’ll pay that much for yourself, and as little as $122 for your partner. Quite a lot of money saved, huh?

5. 20% Rebate on In-Flight Purchases

20% Rebate on In-Flight Purchases


Another great reason why you should seriously consider getting the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card is that you can get a 20% rebate on all of your in-flight purchases in the form of statement credit. That includes purchases like food, beverages, and even WiFi. Once again, if you’re traveling frequently, this is a benefit that will come quite in handy and lead to very high savings over time. If you want to see some new places, check this article and find out what are the cheapest places to fly. Now you’re aware of some of the top benefits, you’re probably ready to set up your account, apply and thus get this rather useful traveling companion – the perfect card.