Bentley Released a New Model of Continental in Pikes Peak Edition

There was a new record set from Bentley Continental in the 2019 Peak Hillclimb event, where this car finished the race in 10 minutes and 18.4 seconds, which is more than 8 seconds better than the previous best result.

Also, the year 2019 is very important for this company because this year they are celebrating 100 years of existence. People from the company decided that, in that honor, and in honor of the new record on the Hillclimb, they will release 15 models of Continental GT, with a theme of Pikes Peak.

What’s unique about these 15 models, is the new special Radium green color and a body kit made from carbon fiber. The Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak Edition will have brakes in the same colors and black wheels. Also, when it comes to interior design, the surface will be from Alcantara, while the passenger side of the board will have a map that shows the racetracks from Pikes Peak, all five of them.

When it comes to performances and engine, this version of Continental GT has everything the same as the regular latest model with a W12 engine, all-wheel-drive, four different driving modes, and many more functions that make this vehicle one of the most luxurious on the market.