6 Best Car Insurance Companies in New Brunswick

No matter the type of insurance you’re looking for, finding the right insurance company can be a challenge. If you need auto insurance for your new vehicle or want to switch to a better car insurance provider, you’re on the right page. This article seeks to explore the best car insurers and evaluate them to help you make the right choice.

In case you’re yet to buy your new car, it would be wise to decide on your insurer beforehand. In New Brunswick, car insurance is mandatory by law. Unless you check out the car insurance companies in New Brunswick and make your choice early on, you might be forced to choose in a rush later.

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Why do you need to compare auto insurance companies in New Brunswick?

You might wonder why we don’t simply name the best car insurance company rather than give you a list to compare and choose from. Well, the truth is – there’s no single insurance provider that works best for every car owner. Even the top auto insurance companies have their differences, with various advantages and disadvantages.

Every individual has their own insurance requirements and budget. Going through your options and evaluating them properly allows you to choose what’s best for you.

6 Top New Brunswick car insurance companies

There is no shortage of top car insurance companies in New Brunswick.

Intact Insurance Company

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It’s no surprise that Intact sits at the top of this list, considering this company is the largest auto insurance provider in the country. A part of the Intact Financial Corporation established in 1909, Intact Insurance is also popular as one of the biggest specialty insurance providers. Indeed, they are one of your best choices for car insurance.

In addition to cars, Intact insurance also covers boats, motorbikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other vehicles. Personal car insurance isn’t the only purpose for choosing this insurance company – they also cover Uber and Turo drivers. However, the best thing about Intact insurance is their 30-min claims guarantee.


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Although Aviva is a UK-based insurance company, they’ve grown into the 2nd largest general insurance provider in Canada. The insurer bears a good reputation for its reliable services and flexible auto insurance plans. Aviva also has also entered a partnership with Lyft Canada, making them the perfect insurance provider for Lyft drivers.

When buying car insurance from Aviva Canada, you may choose various add-ons like comprehensive coverage, ride-sharing, disappearing deductible, transportation replacement, etc. Moreover, all repairs will be covered as long as you keep your vehicle insured with Aviva. This is a unique perk as most insurance providers offer this repair coverage only for three to five years.

Economical Insurance Company

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Moving on, we have Economical insurance – one of Canada’s oldest auto insurance companies. True to its name, this insurance company offers extremely economical insurance plans with affordable premiums and various discounts. These include accident forgiveness, conviction-free discounts, anti-theft discounts, and more. You may also save money by bundling multiple auto insurance and home insurance or insuring multiple vehicles.

Economical insurance evaluates your exposure to determine your premium, which results in more tailored insurance solutions. Moreover, this leading insurance provider offers several unique coverages like windshield damage and lost wages. This might be the best choice for you if you’re looking for fully personalized and budget-friendly car insurance.

Wawanesa Insurance Company

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Wawanesa is another popular auto insurance company in New Brunswick – one of the largest. Like Economical Insurance, Wawanesa is known to be an affordable option too. Besides competitive rates, the insurance company also offers flexible payment terms to make it more budget-friendly.

However, you should consider Wawanesa as an option only if you have a spotless record. They don’t usually sell auto insurance to drivers who have been in more than two at-fault traffic violations or accidents in the past three years.

The popular insurance provider offers various optional coverages that you may opt for. These include manufacturer replacement parts, on-road assistance, and rental reimbursement. Overall, Wawanesa is a great option for good drivers.

Travelers Insurance Company

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Providing insurance for personal vehicles, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and more, Travelers is one of the top car insurance companies in New Brunswick. They have a lot to offer, including affordable premiums, superb customer service, and various coverages. Policyholders with a clean driving record enjoy discounted premiums, and so do those who complete a driver’s training course.

Coverages offered by Travelers Canada include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, loss of use, uninsured automobile coverage, auto accident benefits, and more. While the premiums are already pocket-friendly, you may lower them further by bundling multiple cars under a policy. Moreover, you may also be able to get the costs slashed by using the IntelliDrive app, which tracks driving behavior.

Pembridge Insurance Company

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Lastly, we have Pembridge – one of the relatively younger car insurance companies with a good reputation in Canada. Established in 1999, Pembridge currently offers auto insurance in five Canadian provinces, including New Brunswick. Alongside the different basic and optional coverages, this insurance provider also offers various discounts that you might be eligible for.

Pembridge is one of the most reliable auto insurance companies New Brunswick, with round-the-clock customer support. You can enjoy immediate assistance with service and repair programs. Besides, the insurer has an amazing track record for lifelong customer retention. The premiums are comparable to most other insurance companies out there.

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As you can see, all these auto insurance companies are quite good. Be it quick claims processing, excellent customer service, heavy discounts, or tailored insurance plans – they all have their respective perks. You’ll have to make the choice based on your priorities and preferences.

If you need help choosing the best car insurance company New Brunswick, you can always seek the help of a reputable insurance broker. Their agents can provide you with instant assistance, helping you choose the best auto insurance company and a suitable insurance policy. With professionals by your side, bagging the most lucrative insurance won’t be a challenge.