6 Best Cities To Raise A Family In The UK In 2024

There are many reasons why someone should live in the UK. For those who like big cities and crazy fun, there is London – while Oxford and Cambridge have always been close to students. But which cities are the best for living and raising a family in 2024 – we tried to find out for you.

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Family Relocation To The UK

Even when everything on the Island suits you, and you enjoy great home-brewed beers, you love the night scene of London, shopping, English greenery – living with your family in the UK can be complicated and expensive. The stay of children in preschool institutions and their care is a big item in the budget, and the prices of schooling in quality primary and, especially secondary schools, are high. If you can afford it, you will be very satisfied with everything that the children will get.

Real Estate Rental Prices

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Real estate rental prices are constantly rising, as are energy and insurance prices. Half of the average salary goes to rent an apartment, communal and accompanying costs. More than £ 1,200 needs to be set aside, on average, for a three-bed apartment in the city center. In London, prices are higher, and on the outskirts of cities lower. Immigrants are generally satisfied with health care.

Best Cities To Raise A Family In The UK

Great Britain is characterized by a beautiful landscape, picturesque cities, rich history, friendly people – we can simply list them like this indefinitely. However, many people want to feel the true British lifestyle and build their family life in such places. You can also find many interesting facts about life in the UK on websites such as Kevsbest.co.uk – which give you a lot of information about places, cities, as well as content that may be of interest to you. So, make your life in the UK more beautiful and head out with us on a special tour with our list of the top 6 most beautiful towns for family life in the United Kingdom, which will surely grab your attention.

1. Burford, Oxfordshire

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Although it has just over 1,100 inhabitants, this town found itself on the list of the 10 best cities to live in made by Forbes. Not to mention it is the only British city on that list. So, many people wonder what is the reason that this town is so popular? Mainly, it is for its good atmosphere. Here, the locals are quite friendly, open, and have a positive attitude. Everything in this place is very well-connected and calm. This place is also significant for the Tolsey Museum – a place where you will discover many interesting and significant facts considering the life, local customs, and history of living in past times in this area.

2. Crail, Scotland

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This small town is located in a famous historic area, and one of the beautiful coastal places to live in Scotland. If one should describe Crail by using just a single word – it would be – calm. This is quite a charming place, both town and a village since it has only about 1500 inhabitants. However, it certainly does not lack in popularity. Crail is a small town that emerged from the old royal port that used to have a castle. Unfortunately, all the remains of that building were removed during the 18th century.

3. Brighton, East Sussex

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Brighton is a seaside town and resort on the south coast of the UK. This charming place, south of London, has gained the status of a city that Queen Elizabeth II has granted since 2000 – by merging two neighboring communities, Brighton and Hove. It is a lively, colorful, and creative city that offers unlimited opportunities for cultural and social activities, sports and entertainment activities, a rich nightlife or you can simply relax on the beach. Beautiful to live, active all year round, and there is a beach where you can relax and enjoy it.

4. Glasgow

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Equally exciting in spring, as well as in autumn, day as well as night – Glasgow can be said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe and the United Kingdom. For all those who want a more peaceful life, and at the same time, like to be close to the center of events, Glasgow is a great choice. When you travel from one end of the city to the other, you arrive faster than when you make your way through the streets of London – and when you shop, especially during the big holiday sales, there are fewer crowds in shops and on the streets. It is less dynamic in Glasgow than in London, the pace of life is slower and easier, people are more relaxed, and the crowds in the subway and on the streets are incomparably less. In addition to architecture, in Glasgow, you can enjoy museum exhibits, a beautiful art gallery, a panorama from the modern bridge over the River Clyde, a botanical garden, or beautiful parks and nature. This is a city where life is a real pleasure.

5. Birmingham, West Midlands, England

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Next to the capital of Great Britain, it is the most populated city in the western part of England. It is very important because next to Manchester is a key industrial city as they call it – a city with a thousand crafts. The city of Birmingham used to be one of the centers of the civil rights movement, which is why the Civil Rights District is the most interesting place to visit. Birmingham is a city with a lot of museums that are very attractive to all visitors – the Aviation Museum, the Museum of Art, the Science Center. Few people know that this city is also known for jazz music and that the city has an Alabama hall, where you can listen to this type of music throughout the year. An idyllic place to live with lots of entertainment and places to visit.

6. Bath, Somerset, England

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Bath is typically a small provincial town compared to London. Life is far slower than in London. You will rarely come across people under stress, pushing in lines, and inconveniences at the post office or supermarkets. For such a small town, the number of restaurants in national and special cuisines is huge. Just like the number of pubs, coffee chains, and fast-food restaurants. Full of history, the city has been a haven for writers and politicians, royal emigrants (Louis Napoleon or Haile Selassie), and, more recently, the Hollywood and British acting establishment.