Best CRMs for Small Businesses

Starting a small business is, was, and always will be a tough challenge. Knowing how to manage your business from top to bottom can be a very daunting task.

The use of collaboration tools like Google Docs and software is key.

There are many things that business owners have to worry about, so getting certain tasks and organizational elements on autopilot is imperative for small business success.

Most entrepreneurs that start small businesses make a huge mistake. They are not experts in their field. To be truly successful, it is always helpful if you are truly an expert in what your company is selling or providing.

It also helps as well if you’re always thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. This means that you need to recognize opportunities that can save your company time and help bring your business better profit with less overhead.

No matter what industry you’re in, there are always ways to boost your effectiveness thanks to targeted software that has been developed specifically for your industry.

Fortunately, we live in a world of advanced technology. There are many new and very targeted specific tools tools can help small business owners achieve thier goals quicker and more efficiently.

Rrunning a business this day and age without involving technology could be a big mistake especially if your competitors are more tech savvy. Your competitors will always be a step ahead of you if you do not plan to go more digital and use more technology and software products that can save you time and boost your production.

Besides team collaborational tools, so that employees can stay connected, one of the most important tasks for small businesses is to keep track of all of their potential clients, leads, and current clients. The use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool or software is imperative for companies that need to track their clients throughout the buying cycle up until the time they become an actual customer as well as long thereafter.

Depending on the software, its features can bring you a number of benefits. The most important benefit is scalability so when the number of your customers starts to grow, managing and organizing that data will be easier. You will always have a clear overview of all your leads which will in turn help you run sales processes easier.

Here are some recommend CRMs for small businesses.

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Salesmate CRM

Speeding up the sales process and offering customers a personalized experience are two very important aspects for your business to concentrate on. Thanks to this software, you can do both things easily. The program allows entrepreneurs to manage all of the contracts as well as keeping of track of all sales activities stage by stage.

Using online technology like Salesmate CRM is a “must-do” thing in today’s business world. Salesmate is also a good tool for email campaigns. You will get notification of what happens with each mail that you send.  You will know if the recipient opens your email, and what actions they took. For example, did they click on one of her call to actions and go to a specific page on your website? This kind of information will tell you if your campaign was working or if it was good or not. It helps with doing AB testing.

As you probably know, scalability and flexibility is something that all small business owners need. The program has a lot of cool features so would be a smart idea to take it for a test drive to see if it fulfills your requirements and if it can provide you and your team the best possible experience.


Zoho has been around forever and is constantly improving and growing. They have had a free version for as long as we can remember. Advanced features are not available in the free version.

You can subscribe to three different packages – standard, professional, and enterprise. The last two will provide you with the best features.

This program can be used for many different purposes as it is very versatile. It allows for a lot of different kinds of integrations with other cross-platform software.

It also boasts a very easy to use CRM. This is a great choice for a software as this tool your pony is more focused on marketing and sales.

Entrepreneurs can use it for lead scoring, sales signals, website visitors, etc.

Do not hesitate to spend a a little amount of money for the extra features if you need them. The benefits this program offers will pay off in the end.


HubSpot is quickly becoming a big player in the CRM software space.

With Hubspot you do not have to worry about money. The program is completely free for everyone. You will find all the basic features that a small business owner would need. This includes tracking different company’s activities such as company and contact profiles, tracking and assigning deals, etc. All these data you and your team members can see on the dashboard.

The good thing is that Hubspot has a bunch of integration options with some other popular apps. For instance, it is integrated with Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Agile CRM

This software is a really good option for small businesses. It is also very scalable for larger companies. Features include drag-and-drop marketing automation via email, custom appointments, etc. Agile CRM also comes with a wide range of plugins, and API-powered integrations, etc.

There is a free version that might meet some of your expectations. Yet, many entrepreneurs say it is a bit limited. You can use it for free if your team does not contain more than 10 people. Their starter pack is 15 dollars per user monthly.

Agile CRM offers a free trial so entrepreneurs can take it for a test run to measure its effectiveness.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is not a new program by any means. It was released 12 years ago and has became popular in recent years. There are several different reasons why small business owners prefer this program. First of all, you do not have to be a genius to realize how to use this software as it is very user-friendly. It is also a workhorse when it comes to tracking sales and relationship pipelines.

It translates well on different devices (mobile and desktop). It is also easy to organize all of your important data.

It is lacking some robust for reporting and campaigns. Still, you can use the combination of two tools from our list to fulfill the gaps.

There are two types of packages that you can choose from. For those that are on a shoestring budget and do not want to invest a lot, there is a free package up to two users.

Teams containing more than two users can subscribe to the professional package.

Bonus Tip: Specialized CRMs

Many entrepreneurs don’t know this, but there are a slew of CRM software is out there that have been created for specialized industry. There are CRM’s insurance and real estate agents as well as other industries.

Some industries where you’re managing a lot of leads, new customers, and residual customers need very specialized software. For example perhaps running a credit counseling or credit repair type business. Fortunately, there are many different types of software suited just to these types of businesses to CRM businesses. You will find a wide range of options by a basic Google search. All of these types of tools may seem great at first glance but some have restrictions and some of them are less quality than others. You will of course it the best benefits only if you do your research to find the best one suited to your business.

Here is an example of review based site that concentrates just on customer relationship management tools for the credit repair industry. Visit to compare the many different types of CRM’s. By using review based sites like this small businesses can carefully read the reviews of each tool and see which one will satisfy their business needs the most.