Best local SEO practices for 2024

Search engine optimization or SEO is a long and difficult endeavor used to boost a website’s results. It could take days, weeks, or months to see some serious results and this will mostly depend on the amount of competition that you have. You should know that SEO gets harder and harder since Google keeps updating its algorithm more than 600 times per year. However, people often forget how important SEO actually is. Since 2019 is long over, it is time to see what are the best SEO practices for 2024. Here is a list of the best SEO strategies that you should use in 2024.

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On-page optimization

This deals with what you need to do in order to improve the SEO on the pages you have on your site. From optimizing the metadata to images, SEO starts by making your site search engine friendly. Most people tend to focus on link building or other strategies first, however, everything else you do when it comes to marketing will either limit or help your website. Other strategies include helping Google to crawl your website. What this means is that by using an XML sitemap, by setting up a Google Search Console, and by ensuring that there are no 404 errors, you could make sure that Google will include all the pages on your website in its index.

Safari Digital digital agency states that the order of priorities when tackling a new or existing website should always be technical, on-page, backlinks, and then ongoing content marketing. Putting all of the technical and on-page elements in place are the first (and most essential) steps in creating a sustainable organic marketing strategy.

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Off-page optimization

Once you get to the point that your website is world-class, it is time to focus outside of your site. Off-page optimization includes link building outside your website. Keep in mind that thousands, if not millions of people start their searches at places like Facebook or Yelp. You will want to have a good presence at other places, outside your site, that people or customers might use to look for you.

Local search

Another important thing about off-page optimization is local search. You should know that it is important to consider the city, country, and region that your customers live in. A lot of businesses make the mistake of targeting an area that is too big, like a state or an area that is small.

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Social Media

A lot of people use social media for friend or family connections. However, did you know that people do research on potential businesses on most social media platforms? The most common platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. According to, even if you do not have time to set up all of these platforms for your business, you should definitely start with Facebook, which is the easiest place to start with. It is easy to create a profile, share content like videos and pictures, and it also allows people to leave reviews.

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Make your business mobile friendly

By having a mobile-friendly site, you will be able to make sure that your website will look great on any device. You should think about the people that will search for something on another device, not only their PC and mobile phone. They might be searching for your business on a tablet or a smart TV as well. A device friendly website will help people navigate your website on any device and it is an important thing when it comes to the rankings.

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By following these tips, you will be able to drive traffic to your website, boost your website’s rankings, and boost sales, hence, do not waste any more time and start planning the perfect SEO strategy.

According to the experts of SEO Scout, improving the SEO on those pages, which are supposed to be the ones that generate traffic, is a must, and this is what you need to focus on. You will also get more traffic as a result. Checking the keywords you have in your website will also help you with your SEO.