What Are the Best Multiplayer Games?

What makes a multiplayer game the ideal choice for you and your allies? More than just a means of entertainment, our selected games serve as platforms for building social connections in your online realm – and they hold a significant place in today’s gaming landscape. From cozy co-op games to competitive tournaments, multiplayer games offer a variety that appeals to every type of gamer – especially if you want to have a shared experience with your team instead of getting shot up in video games like GTA Online. But what sets the best apart?

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Our Recommendations: The Best Games for Co-op and Competitive Play

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Ark: Survival Evovled

Ark Survival Evolved is ideal for players who enjoy exploring a prehistoric world. It offers a unique combination of dinosaur survival combat and base building. You can even tame and train dinosaurs to improve their chances of survival. Building and defending your base against wild creatures and other players is an essential aspect of the game.

Cooperation with your teammates plays a major role when it comes to defeating larger monsters. With this multitude of dinosaurs and possibilities to discover and explore, Ark Survival Evolved offers a deep experience that immerses players in a world long gone.

Minecraft with Mods

This popular game is constantly reinventing itself with mods! Whether it’s building, exploring, or surviving – your options are limitless: some mod collections enhance the technical aspects, others focus on magical worlds or challenging your building tasks. All the Mods 8 (ATM 8) is a mod pack that combines several of these mods.

Some mods offer very special survival scenarios in specially designed worlds, such as RLCraft. This mod pack makes surviving in Minecraft more way more difficult with new creatures and features such as thirst and cold. Minecraft server hosting providers often offer a huge selection here. Each modification brings its own challenges and adventures and expands the Minecraft experience in many different ways. The magic of Minecraft is truly timeless.


If you like games like Rust, Unturned or Project Zomboid, DayZ will quench your thirst for adventure! The game offers an intense survival experience in a post-apocalyptic world characterized by high unpredictability and dynamic interactions with other players. You navigate through a world full of dangers and challenges, where resource management, environmental observation and quick decision-making are crucial.

In addition to surviving against environmental hazards and zombies, your focus will be on interacting with other players –  who may turn out to be friends or enemies. This social dynamic and the constant threat creates a tense atmosphere that makes DayZ a unique experience for you and your team.


Valheim is a fascinating mix of survival and world exploration inspired by Norse mythology. The game is ideal for teams that enjoy solving tasks together, even when it comes to deciphering complex puzzles and coordinating boss fights. Players build bases and upgrade their equipment, explore varied landscapes and face mythological creatures together.

The world of Valheim and story elements such as boss spawns are dynamic and responsive to the team’s actions, creating a very deep, immersive experience. Many Modpacks also offer amazing new features to further enhance the experience – this game really had us hooked!

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How do I find the best multiplayer game for me and my friends?

Multiplayer games are more than just games; they are platforms for creativity, teamwork, and friendship inviting us to become part of a larger community! If you look at how the best games over time have changed, they have evolved dramatically – the evolution of multiplayer games is a wild ride!

Technological advances allow players to play together across platforms. Today, games have become hubs of social interaction, bringing people from all over the world together to create unforgettable experiences.

To find the right game, you should consider your personal preferences – and those of your team – when it comes to game design. If you prefer cooperative games with challenging teamwork, take a look at our recommendations as a guide! Really creative players who want to use their imagination and creativity are best served in Minecraft’s Creative Mode!

However, if you prefer competitive & strategic games where teamwork is paramount, DayZ, Valheim and Ark are really good choices. When in doubt, it helps to try out games to evaluate differences in game speed, controls, art style, narrative and game complexity.

In the future, VR and AR experiences will open up new dimensions of shared gaming – exciting prospects for us and the gaming industry!