Best Perth Water Bottles for Both Hot or Cold Hydration

When it comes to hydration, there’s quite a lot of things to consider to maximize your H20 consumption and meet your health goals. At home, it can be easy to rely on whatever water is available – be it tap water, filtered water, and the like.

But if you’re serious about proper hydration, perhaps you are considering getting or have already acquired a water cooler dispenser for your home or workplace. The good thing about these units is that it makes water consumption easier and better at just the touch of a button!

Depending on the type you choose, you can have fresh, flowing water at the temperature you need. So whether you need to ice-cold water for pure refreshment, or hot water for coffees, teas, and various food preparation, it’s quite a convenient way of ensuring you have enough options for hydration in easy access.

There are two types of dispensers – a mains-fed spray can is connected to your primary source, and requires plumbing services to work correctly and deliver water to the unit when needed. It also requires regular replacements of the water filters used to ensure adequate filtration.

The other type is a bottle-fed dispenser, which requires a separately packaged bottle placed onto the unit to deliver fresh H20 sourced from a different location. As this does not require heavy filtration that mains fed dispensers need, unit installation is quick and easy.

It provides the user with various options of water sources depending on their preference. It’s why this is a popular type of dispenser for both home and office use, as it provides ease of use while ensuring a consistent standard of quality every time a new bottle is placed. That can only be done because of the strict sourcing and packaging standards in place.

There are a significant number of choices in the market for Perth bottled aqua specifically for dispenser use, but how do you choose the best bottles for hot or cold hydration?

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Before You Buy

It’s always a good idea to do your research when it comes to buying new appliances. That applies, too, to dispensers. If you have decided on acquiring a bottle-fed dispenser, you also have to consider what type of bottled water you prefer. You need to find then out which of the brands available on the market suit your tastes and requirements the most.

The most popular type of bottled aqua thus far is spring water, and for a good reason! Springwater has a distinct, refreshing taste that comes from the natural filtration processes that it goes through. Sourced from springs bringing forth H20 from underground, it is an ideal choice for hydration.

Quality bottled spring aqua is drawn and packaged under strict conditions to ensure that high hygiene standards are met, as well as sustainable practices, to ensure that the spring water sources are not overdrawn with each process. It is worthwhile to look into the company that provides bottled water suitable for your dispenser unit. Make sure that they have a dedication towards sustainable practices, as not only will this be better for the environment, but will also ensure a consistent standard of H20 quality.

That is also when choosing local products can be beneficial. Not only will you be getting a great product, but you won’t have to pay the premium that comes from spring H20 imported from overseas. Instead, you’ll be able to support the community not only by buying Perth bottles from reputable and local Perth companies. You can also check to see their community initiatives to help encourage deeper connections within the broader Perth community. That can range from the provision of H20 to sports games, to community events, too.

Low Maintenance

The great thing about using bottle-fed dispensers is that they are low maintenance. The filters do not need replacing as often because the bottles already contain safe, clean H20 suitable for drinking. And the best part is that some companies can also offer regular, scheduled delivery for you, whether it is at your home or in the workplace.

So not only is maintenance easy, but you won’t run out of good-tasting aqua, too, which can be used not just for ice-cold aqua for drinking, but also for teas, soups, coffees, and any food preparation that requires hot H20. Not only will you be encouraged to keep yourself hydrated, but you will also have better-tasting food. After all, great tastes come from great ingredients, and the quality of the aqua you use can play a significant role in the feeling of what you are preparing.

After You Buy

What happens to used bottles after you’ve bought and used them? Well, an essential thing that you need to make sure of doing is to recycle them. If you are considering getting your bottles from a company that regularly delivers, they should also be taking your used and empty bottles to recycle them and limit the strain on the environment that comes from irresponsible practices. 

Companies such as Aussie Natural offer a delivery service that is not only scheduled but also exchanges empty bottles for newly filled ones for no extra cost. So not only are you ensuring that the members of your home or workplace are hydrated, you’re also doing your part in ensuring that reusable bottles do not end up in a landfill, but rather, recycled to limit the wasting of resources.


When it comes to buying the best water company in Perth for your hydration needs, whether you want hot or cold H20, it’s a great idea to consider bottled spring water from local companies. Not only can you be assured of its consistently good quality, but you will also be supporting the community, too!