10 Buying Tips to Find the Best RV Air Conditioner In 2024

Every recreational vehicle activity needs ample preparation to ensure a fun-filled and worthwhile adventure. Asan outdoor recreational activity, RVing is one of the most advised outdoor activities since it is self-contained; thus, there is no need for you to utilize public utilities. With a recreational vehicle, it is easier to observe proper physical and social distancing protocols. As such, even with health-related crises, there is no need to compromise your adventures and plans.

There are numerous things you have to consider to ensure a comfortable and convenient RV journey. For one, you have to devise a list that shall showcase an extensive plan for your camping trip. You have to prepare the essentials such as food and water supplies, batteries, toolbox, first aid kits, hygienic needs, and the likes. Additionally, you also have to make sure that your RV is in good condition before heading to your destination. You have to inspect the interior and exterior parts of your RV.

To ensure that you will be traveling with comfort and convenience, you have to check the RV air conditioner. Rvcamping.com provides an extensive evaluation of various brands of RV air conditioners and their pros and cons. Thus, in this article, we shall guide you in choosing the best RV air conditioner by providing you with the ten buying tips in looking for the best RV air conditioner that shall suit your needs and demands.

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What is RV Air Conditioner

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RV air conditioners are one of the many things you should carry with you on your camping journey. They cool down your recreational vehicle. Depending on your RV and your personal preference, the units are usually put on windows, mounted on roofs, or hand-carry. The energy source of RV air conditioners is the charged battery or the vehicle’s fuel.

RV air conditioners possess numerous functions; it is not only ideal for the summer season. Some RV air conditioners have dehumidifying functions that can freshen up the atmosphere of the RV’s interiors. Moreover, other RV air conditioners have aerodynamic air conditioning systems with a heat pump or heat strip to warm the RV in the winter season. Given such premise, RV air conditioners are versatile; thus, it is prudent to invest in them.

Things to Consider to Get the Best RV Air Conditioner

These are some of the many things you have to consider beyond investing in an RV air conditioning unit.

1. Know Your Budget

Before diving into extensive research about RV air conditioners’ technicalities, it is prudent for you to have yourself reminded of the budget. Overspending will dent your wallet and can affect your camping plans. I bet you do not want to get broke for your camping journey.

2. Know Your Preference

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Before ordering your RV air conditioning unit, do extensive research about the unit. Study the technicalities of RV air conditioners, know their pros and cons, and also acquaint yourself with the ways of maintaining and cleaning them. You also have to know your motorhome’s capacity. By knowing your preference, you are helping yourself save time in choosing which one to invest in.

3. Know the Unit’s Cooling Power

The cooling power is also known as the unit’s e primary feature to cool down your RV temperature. The air conditioner’s cooling power is shown in British Thermal Unit (BTU). In selecting the unit for your RV, you have to consider your RV’s dimensions. The larger the RV’s size, the thermal ratings it needs.

4. Know the Power Consumption

When buying RV air conditioners, it is prudent to invest in a unit with reduced wattage requirement or employ lower power consumption. With this, you can be guaranteed that your unit is cost-efficient. You have to know that some RV air conditioners with aerodynamic air conditioning systems with a heat pump or heat strip require a higher power consumption.

5. Know the Power Compatibility

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When the RV cannot handle the demanded power for the RV air conditioner to operate immediately, there are instances. As such, it is advantageous to know whether or not the power source of your RV meets the air conditioning unit’s power requirement. Suppose you fail to establish the RV energy source’s compatibility and the air conditioning unit’s power requirement. In that case, it might lead to the discharge of your vehicle or the malfunction of the unit. You may opt to carry a generator with you for more extended use of the air conditioning unit.

6. Know the Noise Level

Old RV air conditioners tend to be noisy when being used. Newer models of RV air conditioning units are quieter that run for only about 35 to 80 decibels. To prevent your RV air conditioner from becoming noisy, you must maintain and clean the unit properly.

7. Dimension

While this may be a no brainer to others, but you have to make sure that the clearance height, size, and weight of your desired RV air conditioning equipment should be in proportion to your RV’s capacity.

8. Insulation Strength

You should take into account your desired unit’s capacity to dissipate heat. Your unit must possess the ability to slow down the heat exchange.

9. Ease of Installation

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When investing in an RV air conditioning unit, you must ensure that you will install your desired model without causing you too much stress. You have to ensure that the user’s manual is comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

10. Air Purification

It would be prudent to invest in an air purifier for your rig to ensure that you will not suffer from the ill smell. This shall complement the presence of your new RV air conditioner. Who would want to travel with a rig that is contaminated with a foul odor, anyway?


Investing in an RV air conditioning unit means investing in a comfortable and convenient camping experience. As such, you have to consider various factors when making a significant decision. Nevertheless, we hope that our list will help you make the right decision. Do not forget to share your review about your newly-purchased RV air conditioning unit on the web!