The Best Social Media Trends You Should Be Focusing On

In the world of business social media is now an indispensable marketing tool that cannot be ignored. For many businesses hopping on the latest social media trends is often one of the best ways for them to reach new audiences and grow their brands popularity and reach. Taking advantage of some of these popular trends on the different and various social media platforms that are available to us, is a great way for marketing messages to become bigger than they ever could have been.

As a business owner you should be always thinking about ways that you can be harnessing the power of social media and technology to grow your brand and increase your sales. Keeping track of the latest trends in social media is one way that you can do this. Having the right team and technology on your side is half the battle won – if you can then make engaging and relatable content that speaks to the latest trends that people are interested in, you are sure to grow profitably and see effective results.

For many businesses out there, they might struggle to harness the power of technology in the most profitable ways because they don’t have the knowledge and expertise on hand. In instances like this, the best solution for these kinds of companies would be to partner with an IT support provider like TechQuarters in the UK, who can help upgrade and enhance their network and systems as well as help the company to take control of its technology and make sure that its teams and systems are more efficient and productive.

If your business has the right IT infrastructure it can support your social media marketing in better ways. It is no use just trying to recreate the newest trends, if your network cannot handle the amount of traffic it might begin to receive or It cannot process a large amount of orders then you might be left with unsatisfied customers and not being able to deliver on your promises. If you are sure that your businesses infrastructure and setup can handle what you need it to, then you can dive into the latest trends and take full advantage of them.

In terms of the biggest and most profitable trends that we’ve seen so far in 2024, these are the ones that have stood out from the rest and ones we recommend you keep a close eye on and, if possible, hop on the trend and create your own content that can possibly become viral and bring you in more customers.


The first one is that there has been a much bigger demand for brands to be more authentic. Customers no longer expect a business to just be a logo and a product, they now want to know exactly who you are as a business what your messages and what you stand for. Consumers resonate more with the brands personality and authenticity nowadays than they do with the look and feel of a brand.

Another huge trend that businesses are taking advantage of is that video is king – video platforms formed many connections that we missed in our everyday lives during the global pandemic, so many of us became quite reliant on video and video messaging during this time. The saying goes that where eyeballs go money follows, and more and more brands are turning to social media platforms in order to reach customers and build awareness of their brands.

Digital currencies are also on the rise, and we are sure to see the emergence of more and more features such as social digital currencies that are going to help facilitate the ways in which customers make purchases on the internet and through social media channels. The world of digital currencies has also opened up the possibility for marketers to provide even better incentives for followers and customer interactions such as rewarding consumers and promoting products using digital currencies.

A huge trend that started out as not much in the beginning of social media, is that social media for customer service enquiries is now being used more frequently than ever. Gone are the days where you used to message a business Instagram account and not get a response, nearly every single business that has a social media account now has to be present and answer customer service complaints and inquiries promptly as well as deal with them in a timely manner too.

Another trend that not many of us saw coming was the revived popularity of LinkedIn. LinkedIn used to be seen as an old and outdated social media platform that not many people liked to engage with, however the business atmosphere that LinkedIn has worked hard at creating is now drawing in users with much higher and increased engagement and interaction rates allowing them to make smart business to business and business to consumer messaging that is meaningful and connects with their audiences.

Over the past few years, it’s no longer just good enough to have a nice looking Instagram feed or content feel, your visual content now needs to be interactive and engaging. With the rise of augmented reality and virtual reality technology, consumers now have the ability to engage with products virtually and have a realistic experience of what that product might feel like. Being able to virtually sell your products and services online has opened up a whole new landscape for marketers to reach audiences that they might never have been able to reach before.

2024 social media trends


It really is no surprise that with so many millions of people actively engaging on social media platforms every single minute of the day, businesses should really be taking advantage of this to reach new customers and markets that might have been out of reach in the past. It might not seem easy to create content that relates to trends, and you might feel like your content will get lost in the millions of other videos, but don’t look at it that way. Take that risk and create that content and see where it takes you!