Best Things To Do In Portugal In 2024

Traveling is fun to most people, especially if it is done in the mood of vacation or a holiday treat. Going away from your ordinary schedule to a fun place is quite refreshing. Portugal is one of those places that have won the hearts of many. By visiting algarvegolf. holiday, you will have your vacation queries tackled satisfactorily.

Even though Portugal is generally a fun place to be, there are specific things that almost everyone should try out. Below are nine fun things to do in Portugal:

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In Algarve Portugal, golfing is one of the most exciting sport. Tourists, both local and international, use golf as a primarily social activity, among others. There are a variety of golf resorts and hotels, and the competition is becoming more popular by the day. People love how diverse the golfing landscape is. There are different courses of the game to be played, and it only gets better.

Trying Special Dishes

Dishes occupy an extraordinary place in the hearts of tourists. Touring an area and getting to enjoy new meals never gets old or boring. In Portugal, you will get to taste and enjoy their individual egg tarts. These are filled with egg yolks and cheesy fillings to give your taste buds a lifetime thrill. Their unique pastries are also known to be excellent and can be found anywhere in Portugal.


Canoeing in Furnas Lake has become one of the most thrilling activities in Portugal. Water is fun, especially if you interact with it at such a close range in the traditional canoe. While at it, you can also take pictures of the beautiful sceneries in and around the lake. There is a lot to be covered by the time you get from one side of the lake to the other. After canoeing, you can also make a circumference ride around the lake to view the forests.

Enjoying Exclusive Nightlife

While on vacation, you do not want to have your fun limited to daytime only. After doing the rounds during the day, you need to have a relaxing night. Lisbon city is known for an electrifying nightlife. There are lots of clubs and restaurants that treat you to the kind of fun that makes the nights shorter. You will be spoilt for choice as there is a lot to enjoy.


That is where all the adrenaline kicks in. Surfing on waves up to a hundred feet is not your regular kind of fun. If you are the kind that loves adventure, then surfing will serve you well. Only that you will need to have sharp surfing skills for you to survive and enjoy the ride. There is also a place for those who cannot surf. They watch the beauty of the sea.

Tour Archaeological Sites

If you are looking forward to scenic, archaeological sites then go to Portugal. It has many archaeological sites that you can tour. Almendres Cromlech is one of them. It is found in the Iberian Peninsula and the largest in Europe. It consists of several standing menhirs.

Catania de Briteiros is another archaeological site. It is in North Iberian peninsular too and was built by Iron age people over 2000 years ago. To have the best view of Catania de Briteiros, you can go to the Ave River Valley.

Roman Temple of Evora is another spectacular archaeological site. Currently, it is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its existence came to be due to the presence of Romans in Liberalitas Julia, Portugal.
Other archaeological sites in Portugal include:

Convent of Sao Cucufate
Cao Valley Palaeolithic Art
Trajano Roman Bridge
Therefore, if you want the best views of different archaeological sites, then visit Portugal.


To get to know about the heritage of Portugal, museums are an integral part. With there presence, you will get to learn more about the culture and heritage of the Portuguese people. So, if you want fun while on your tour to Portugal, ensure you visit one of these museums.

Art is what most people look for when it comes to touring museums. But for the Caramulo museum, it has more than art. It has more than one hundred cars and motorcycles from ancient times. When it comes to architecture, it has Egyptian and Roman antiquities, Japanese art, paintings, furniture, Portuguese tapestries, sculpture, and European ceramics.

Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and National Museum Machado de Castro are other famous museums you can visit while in Portugal. Don’t miss visiting these places as you will get the best art and learn about ancient Portuguese culture.

Drinking Wine

A lot of tourists prefer Portugal to other European countries because of several things. But one thing that stands out from many of them is the wine found in Portugal. Known as the best producer of wine. Portugal is making this sector quite famous.

There are very many wineries and vineyards that you can visit and drink wine without restriction. Douro Valley is the leader when it comes to wine. Currently, the Douro region is a UNESCO world heritage site because of its production of high-quality wine.

Another region where you can get to drink wine is the Minho region. It is found in North West Portugal. It is popular due to green wine or locally known as Vinho Verde. So, if you are looking to have fun moments in Portgual, visit different wine regions and have a taste of a variety of Portuguese wine.

Sunny Beaches

Are you looking for places to enjoy along with a beach? Looking at the ocean and enjoying the sun? If that is the case, visit Portugal. To get the best of sunny beaches in Portugal, you must visit the Algarve region. It is known to have the best sunny beaches you can find nowhere.

Bottom Line

There is a lot you can do in Portugal, but the activities discussed here are on the top of the list. What you need is to organize your trip to Portugal, and then you get to choose from the many fun options.