What Are Body Pillows And Their Benefits – 2024 Guide

Good sleep is essential for your health. That’s why pillows have a very significant role in this. They provide adequate support for our neck and spine – and allow us to sink into a peaceful and deep sleep. If you don’t have a suitable pillow – even the best mattress will not be able to guarantee you a good and quality sleep. However, many people use body pillows as well. What are body pillows and their advantages – find it in the text below.

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What Are Body Pillows Used For?

We all know how much sleep influences our health. Your body position during sleep is very significant when choosing the type of pillow. It is not only important to choose a pillow under your head – but it is also important to know how to choose a body pillow. These are slightly longer pillows that we hold between our legs – especially if you’re sleeping on the side. Body pillows are there to make our sleep quality better because they will reduce the pressure on our joints – and upgrade the comfort while we are sleeping. Many experts, like doctors or chiropractors, consider that such pillows have a beneficial effect on ailments such as pain in the back, joints, hips – but that they also have an effect on reducing pain in the shoulders or neck.

Benefits Provided To You By Body Pillows

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When buying a new pillow – we mostly opt for the standard size and it usually works for us. However, some people prefer larger pillows. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we need to be sure that our sleeping position is correct. The largeness of such a pillow should allow us to position our head, neck, and shoulders to be flush with the spine. There are also special pillows – which offer us some extra support even for our back, or legs. They are sometimes very effective. For example, an anatomical body pillow will help you in a situation when you have neck or back pain. You can also opt for a pillow that shifts pressure from specific areas of the back. Also, according to qstomize.com, these pillows can look very nice – especially if you opt for a custom body pillow, which can contain some of your favorite prints or even a photo. Here are some more health benefits provided by body pillows.

Health Benefits

Here are some more health benefits provided by body pillows.

  • Relieving pressure in the joints
  • Promoting proper alignment of the spine for lateral and abdominal sills
  • Has an impact on blood circulation
  • Improving sleep quality
  • These pillows also help people to exercise sleeping on the side – which can reduce snoring

Many medical experts even think that women who sleep on their sides – can reduce some complications during pregnancy. Still, this is a topic that is often discussed among health professionals. However, the most important thing is that pregnant women are comfortable sleeping – if they use some of the body pillows.

The Sleeping Position Is Important For Choosing A Pillow

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Is the sleeping position important for choosing a pillow? Absolutely! There are rules for choosing pillows depending on posture, but these are not strict rules and may not suit some. Many of us change up to a few poses in our sleep – so we need to be flexible. But still, there are some guidelines.

●      For those who sleep on one side

They need a harder pillow, and the best choice is a cervical anatomical pillow, with a recess – which ensures the distance between the ear and the outer shoulder. With the help of this type of pillow – the spine of these sleepers will remain flat and in a regular position.

●      People who are lying on their stomachs while sleeping

For them, the most comfortable option is a soft pillow – or maybe even sleeping without it. If you are a person in this category, then, it would be best to choose a smaller pillow and place it under your abdomen or pelvis to stop the back pain.

●      The solution if you sleep on your back

For this type, a flat pillow would be a great solution to help you keep your head and your neck at the same level. Therefore, it is a better option if you choose softer ones. However, if you suffer from pain in your neck, then you will need those that offer you more support in that area.

Choose The Right Pillow Softness

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Today, there are a bunch of choices to choose from. The most common are those filled with feathers, foam, or polyester. Among those looking for extra support for the cervical spine – memory foam and latex pillows are becoming increasingly popular. And what is the right choice for you? It can really depend even on the day you have. Therefore, it would not be out of place to own multiple types of pillows. So you can choose it depending on how you feel. For example, you may have a sore neck today and would like a slightly harder pillow – while the next day you may want a softer and larger pillow.

Specialized Pillows

If you suffer from allergies or need a special pillow due to physical pain – consider specialized pillows adapted for special needs. Some of these pillows are:

●      Antibacterial pillows for allergy sufferers

If you are allergic to one of the materials you will take a pillow with a special filling – that is resistant to mites and dust. These can be pillows made of latex or memory foam – which is usually recommended for people suffering from asthma and allergies. You can consider pillows with a cover that is specially made of antibacterial fabric – that is, a special process removes substances that attract mites, bacteria, and molds.

●      Orthopedic pillows against the stiff neck

If you suffer from stiff neck muscles – consider an anatomical pillow with a gel core. It is specially designed to relieve muscles and provide exceptional support to the body. C-shaped pillows are also very popular – they ideally adapt to the contours of the neck and head.

The Bottom Line

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We hope we have clarified the importance of body pillows and ways to choose and buy them. Keep in mind that this is an investment primarily in your health. Good sleep means a healthy body but also a healthy mind.