The Conversion of Brabham`s BT62

When Brabham released its BT62, it received a lot of appreciation from the customers. However, a certain number of them desired something more out of it.

Those customers wanted a version of  Brabham BT62 that was a road legal. This company responded with the conversion kit that will help the customers, both future and current, to get this car on the road.

The conversion will be available in the United Kingdom for European customers. Plus, there are some plans that will make this conversion possible for Australian customers. For now, there are no plans for US customers and conversion.

This conversion kit will feature new add-ons for BT62. It consists of an improved steering lock area, rear and front kit that lifts the car and makes an extra ground clearing, improved upholstery, air conditioning, and the door looks.

After all of these features are added, the car itself will gain more weight. However, this will have no influence on the horsepower and the acceleration.

As we already said, the original version of this car was not made for public roads. Nevertheless, the company granted the wish to their customers who wanted to take this car on the road.

This conversion kit will be available soon. We expect that we will see the first BT62 on the road this sometime this year.