Business Break-Ins Increase Since Pandemic Outbreak

Break-ins in business offices is not an uncommon thing. Unfortunately, this happens quite regularly across the world. It does not matter whether we are talking about a first, second, or third world country. There will always be people that disrespect the laws and moral etiquette and try to steal what isn’t theirs.

I regret to inform you that the number of break-ins in businesses has increased by a lot during the coronavirus pandemic. This is probably happening because many companies have decided to work from home, leaving the offices without any supervision.

This is why I believe it is the best time for business owners to start taking more safety precautions to ensure that their employees and their offices will stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. We cannot ignore the fact that there has been an increase in crime while people are staying home during the quarantine. I assume that you want to know more about this topic and about what you can do to protect your business from these, I recommend reading through this entire article.

Worldwide crime increase

Many reports are coming in and showing that the rate of crime is increasing in a lot of countries around the world. This is unfortunately true and I think I understand why.

During the months: March, April, May, and for some countries, even June, most people were stuck at home staying quarantined, avoiding COVID-19. We slowly found out that this dangerous virus could easily be transmitted from one person to another. Just by talking face-to-face, the small saliva droplets flying from a mouth could infect another person.

The people around this planet and the governments of many countries realized the potential threat of this virus and decided to close down almost every single business and kept people quarantined at home. During these months, it was illegal to leave your home during certain periods of the day. Only some did not fall under these restrictions.

So, what did this mean for thieves and other criminals? Well, for them, it meant that their potential for theft has increased considerably. So many buildings and offices around the city were left completely unattended. This meant that they could easily break-in and steal as much stuff as they could. Of course, if there is an alarm system in a certain office, they would either run away or take as much as they could carry.

However, the pandemic was not exactly a paradise for criminals around the world. There were some disadvantages to these people. The police force was instructed to patrol the streets of the cities. Everywhere you turn, you would find a police car parked on a corner and waiting for the curfew to start.

The police were not exactly placed to deter criminals, instead they were there to deter people from leaving their homes during curfew hours. Those that would be found outside roaming the streets would either be sent home or fined a hefty price.

In other words, criminals had a much harder time moving around the streets because there is a police officer at every corner. If a thief is caught outside during curfew hours, they would have to pay a huge price and they might even get arrested for stealing.

So, even though the crime rate has increased, the increased activity of police has also prevented a lot of crime.

What can you do to protect your business?

After reading through the previous paragraph, I assume that you are quite worried about your business and the possibility that someone might break it. Worrying about this is quite reasonable, but there are a lot of things you could do to increase the safety of your business.

The first thing you will need to determine is when break-ins happen most often in your city. This is important because this information varies from city to city or country to country. If most of the break-ins in Canada happen between 6 and 9 PM, it might be completely different for a different country.

But, considering the coronavirus pandemic, it is most likely that a business breaking can happen during the night. The best way to prevent this from ever happening is to have an office that is open and working for 24 hours straight, as suggested by Unfortunately, this is not possible because of curfews and government regulations.

Your next best option is to consider hiring a security company that will have a unit task to keep an eye on your office 24/7. Keep in mind, this will not be a cheap solution. Paying for a security company is one thing, but paying for a unit that will have to commit every single day of the week will be a lot more expensive.

For those that find the previous solution too expensive for their budget, I would recommend increasing the security of your business from the inside. The best way to achieve that is by improving the alarm system. Make sure it is connected to every single window and door at your office. Once everything is connected, I think you can finally feel safe and that your business is protected. Only an expert will be able to counter the alarm system, but that rarely happens.

I would also suggest improving the locks on your entrance door. These days, there are so many modern and electric locks that can be unlocked only with complex key code or with phone activation. Another effective way of ensuring the safety of your business is to install CCTV surveillance. Make sure you place a camera on every corner of your office and the front door. The moment you see any kind of suspicious activity on the front door of your business, I would recommend calling the police immediately.

By preventing a break-in, I am sure that you will deter any future criminals and thieves.

As you can see, the crime rate rise during the coronavirus pandemic is quite obvious, but with the right security measures, you will not have to worry about a thing.