Business Intelligence With Qlik Sense Platform

With every passing day businesses are becoming bigger, versatile, and complex. Modern businesses are no more single-facade unidirectional entities. The business today is a multifaceted entity with complex internal processes. There are multiple ways of procuring and selling products and services. Almost all the business processes are now automated. Organizations tend to perform all the tasks through computing devices.

Be it the attendance of employees, internal communication, financial transactions, external communication, or any other business function, everything is computerized. This not only makes it easier to perform different tasks efficiently and accurately but also records every process digitally. All of this record is collectively known as data. The bigger your organization is, the more dependent on computing it will be.

That means the more automated an organization is, the more data it will generate. This data is a huge collection of machine data coming from multiple sources. This data can be divided into multiple categories i.e.

  • File Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Machine Data
  • Social Data.

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File Data


File Data is generated by internal users as well as received from external users by using their computing devices. It is usually found in a directly readable and processable form. Documents, E-mails, Multimedia are all examples of file data. This type of data is generated from both online and offline sources.

Transactional Data

This type of data is generated through some transactions. Examples of transactional data are vouchers, invoices, challans, orders, payments, receipts, delivery notes all are examples. Online business activities also come under this head. This type of data can be both online and offline.

Machine Data

An attendance machine, a biometric lock, a CNC machine in the production unit, sensors, smart devices, medical equipment, IP Cameras, IoT devices are some examples of machine data. This data can also be online as well as offline.

Social Data


This type of data comes from Likes, Tweets & Retweets, Comments, Audio/Video Uploads, or any other media that are uploaded or shared via social media platforms. This type of data is very important for modern business.

Using The Data

Almost every business these days come across almost all of the above-mentioned types of data. Some of the above data is directly usable while the others need some kind of processing to make it usable. The volume of the data in both forms collectively becomes so huge that an organization needs to employ hundreds of people only to get results from this data and to make it usable and understandable. This is an impossible scenario. As understanding, this data is necessary for business operations, making strategies and decisions, and management so there must be a solution for this. That’s what data analytics is all about

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing the raw data to gather conclusive information. It examines the data blocks from multiple sources and finding trends and patterns.

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence can simply be defined as business-oriented data analytics. Businesses need to know this particular information to make decisions and strategies. For example, just to analyze a product, you need to know the cost of production, sales figures, performing and nonperforming markets, social trends, customer feedback, location, age, gender, community, financial background, and a lot more. This is only possible through sophisticated data analytics. In the same way, knowing about attendance, productivity, behavior, and performance of an employee you need to analyze multiple things. In short, to make effective business strategies, decisions, to know about the status of the business, you need business intelligence. With proper business intelligence, the management should be able to get the historical, current, and predictive aspects of the data collected from multiple sources.


Now known as Qlik, is a Swedish company formed as Qilk Tech in 1993. The company is known for its business intelligence software products. QlikView is the most successful product of the company. Qlik Sense is a comparatively new but equally popular business intelligence product from Qlik. Qlik is among the top ten BI Solution providers in the world. With more than 50K customers across the globe, Qlik serves many of the industry’s big names like HSBC, Novartis, Lloyds, PayPal, Airbus, BP, Deloitte, and many more.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a powerful and comprehensive Data Analytics/BI platform that is designed to be used by anyone. With Qlik Sense an ordinary user can create custom reports and dynamic dashboards from a large volume of data by multiple sources.

Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification

Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification is a single exam certification that measures the candidate’s ability to identify requirements, to design applications, to prepare and load data, and to develop applications. This exam is a multiple questions and multiple answers format exam. The total number of the questions in the exam is 50. Total duration of the exam is 120 Minutes (2 hours).

Preparing For the Exam:

You can choose between the instructor-led and self-paced training for the Qlik Sense Business Analyst certification exam. There are many online training resources available for the same.
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Data is one of the most important assets of an organization in this digital age. Business-oriented Data Analytics is a critical requirement of an organization to extract the required information from heaps of data coming from multiple sources. It helps businesses to make the right decisions and planning to obtain profitability and productivity. Qlik is among the market leaders in BI solutions. Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification is a valuable credential for those who want to pursue a career in the Qlik Sense platform. This certification can be earned with a single exam, QSBA2019. Prepare Qlik QSBA2019 Exam Braindumps: