What Is the Importance of a Label? Things to Consider Before Buying A Label Printer

Labels are important for businesses to transport or send deliveries successfully from one place to another. It will be needed at some point of time or the other for warehouses, retailers, healthcare, and office environments. They are used for labeling products, but also play a major role in organizing products.

You need to buy labels for your printer after analyzing the requirement and use or it might end up in a costly affair. There are different kinds of label printers available in the market today and you can select the one that suits your requirement in the best manner.


The buying of label printers also needs to be carefully handled to use the best features of a device. Labels provide a professional look to your packing of products that contains all the necessary details about the product and its delivery.

Customers and clients like businesses taking care of every minute thing in the service, especially related to client-servicing. But, if labels are used without analyzing the features or properties then it will become costly after some time. Make sure you have the right printer and label for your business for the best outcomes. And if you happen to have the incorrect printer, selltoner.com can you help you out switching to the correct one without spending much.

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Differently sized label sheets available in the market are as follows

  1. Letter Size Label Sheet (8.5 x 11”)
  2. Legal Size Label Sheets (8.5 x 14”)
  3. Tabloid Size Label Sheets (11 x 17”)
  4. A4 Size Label Sheets (297 x 210mm)
  5. A3 Size Label Sheets (420 x 297mm)

Have you decided to buy a label printer for your office or business? Buy labels for your printer that suits the needs rather than what you wish. That’s the best way to control the price of the delivery of products. With a label printer for the business, you will be on the path to gain more control within your business.

Using an outside label printing source will help you control the costly re-prints, overstock, delayed shipment, or wasted expenses. The labeling needs of a business vary according to the needs and thus, the buyer needs to have a proper look into requirements and specifications before making the purchase.

Some of the features of a modern-day label printer are


  • Superb LCD Display
  • Strong Internal Memory
  • High-Speed Printing
  • Working in various environments with varied labels
  • Automatic Label cutter
  • Mobile Printing

Points that businesses should consider before buying a label printer


Irrespective of its size, the success of a business depends on multiple factors starting from a very basic thing as labels. They are not flashy or attention seekers, but essential for the business. The labels serve a basic purpose in business which helps the running of business smoothly.

They are used for labeling products accurately, keeping track of the inventory, and successful shipping of products to the customers. Mostly, businesses have gone online today and with the increase of competition levels, each business needs to deliver up to the mark, and, that too, quickly. We need to know now what kinds of label printer to buy for suiting the business needs. It varies according to the industry you are working in.

Here are a few points on which one needs to select the label printers:

The size of the label for printing

Based on the size of products that your business delivers, you need to look for a printer that prints perfect size labels. The width of the label will make things easy for you. The printer should print the exact size of the label so as to not consume a lot of space on the product itself. A high-quality printer should be selected to print large labels if the business is supplying big products.

The printer connectivity

There should be futuristic thinking while investing in the business. The basic approach to printing labels is to print from a PC connected to the label printer. Wired connectivity featuring a label printer will provide the best option for printing labels effectively and in the right quantity.

The label size


The size of labels to be used for packaging also decides the buying of a particular type of printer. Heavy printers are best suited for printing large size labels, but you need to buy a small printer for printing small size address labels. You can choose a portable label printer for your work for easy carrying of the device to any location. The portable printer should also be chosen based on wireless connectivity.

The resolution of a label printer

What type of labels do the businesses need? Are you looking photographic imagery with various colors or just barcodes? The answer to such questions saves a lot of money while purchasing the right kind of label printer. An image label requires a high resolution and color that increases the cost of color printing. You should definitely purchase a high-quality label printer if your business demands higher quality imagery labels.

The quality of labels


A label is an essential part to promote the product and for it to be clearly identified the quality of the label should be high. It will only be achieved if you buy a high-quality printing device that prints fine labels. A label can work as the marketer of your product and business. So, make sure you have a neat and clean marketer.


The selection of a label printer for the business is as crucial as the selection of labels. Thus, you need to buy labels for your printer that is durable and has a particular adhesive that will stick the label even in low temperatures.

Labels will keep your business in track and ensure the successful delivery of products from one location to the other. It also helps you keep a check on the inventory so that you can order products on time before its out of stock. Buy the label printer of top quality and make the printing job easier. When you are spending money on a costly printer then make sure you analyze all the factors before finalizing the product. In case you need label printers, make sure to check out labels123.net.