11 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Mattress

The choice of mattress is an individual need. Each of us has our body weight, specific sweating, habits, and even our own appropriate bed choice. But keep in mind that only the best is good enough for you. Indulge in the selection or get informed first.

Trained traders will help you find the best solution based on many years of experience. Try the feeling of lying on the chosen mattress. If you want to learn more about beds, check www.mattress-review.org, and find out the latest tips.

Let your body decide! It will recognize what the real atmosphere is, and until then, read what questions you need to ask the seller before buying a mattress.

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1. Does the tallness of the bed matter?


When deciding on the core’s height, you must consider that cushions with a higher base are more comfortable because your shoulders and hips can sink more comfortably into the bed, and the lumbar part is better supported.

A bed on the market offers the most comfort. It is appropriate for persons of the more robust constitution, then a medium-high foundation, which gives optimal comfort and support to the spine, and a lower mattress.

It provides optimal support to children and young people and vital people, who do not suffer from spinal problems.

2. What dimensions to choose?


The mattress must be at least 10 cm longer and wider than your body (body height and shoulder width). Some of the standard dimensions of mattresses available in the market are:

– 80 x 200 cm

– 90 x 190 cm

– 90 x 200 cm

– 120 x 200 cm

– 140 x 200 cm

– 160 x 200 cm

– 180 x 200 cm

Persons with smaller figures and masses are suggested easy-going mattresses, such as the ones, with a pocket core. Sleeping on a firm surface could cause pain in the hips and spine, as after sitting on hard surfaces for a long time.

When buying, the advice is to try all types of offered softer mattresses, for at least 10 minutes each, and to decide to give to your sensation the most relaxed one for you.

3. What hardness to choose?


The suitable hardness depends on your body weight.

We endorse softer beds for inferior figure weight and harder beds for persons with higher body weight. Foam mattresses are intended for people up to 95 kg, and spring mattresses are suitable for all body weights.

The equal of the mattress’s stiffness is the equivalent of load that the bed can withstand, without deformations in its structure and simultaneously so that the person sleeping on it does not lose the feeling of comfort.

There are the softer ones, which cannot withstand higher loads and are generally recommended for children and teenagers, i.e., for people up to 60 kg of body weight. There are slightly firmer than the previous category. They are also recommended for younger people or the thinner.

Some can withstand a high load level and are considered the most optimal for the most significant number of users.

There are tough mattresses; they can be used by people who weigh over 130kg. Users who have a problem with the spine and need a tough sleeping pad are also advised.

  • Tip: Pay attention to the hardness label and adjust it to your body weight and possible needs.

4. Do you sweat excessively? Is the hygiene and freshness of the one you sleep on vital to you?

All foam types on the market have washable covers, which you can take off and wash whenever you want and provide yourself with constant freshness.

5. Do you have spine problems?


Be sure to choose a mattress with several zones, because that means that the bed consists of several different hardness’s in length. The bed is the hardest in the lumbar part and thus supports your spine. These are softer in the side and shoulder part and allow the body to sink comfortably on those parts. In this way, your body is supported correctly and assumes the correct physiological position, eliminating pain.

6. Why is it necessary for a quality mattress to have quality slats?


When you lie down, it must adjust to your body and pressure. Flexible slats can adapt to the body in the highest-pressure zones and provide complete comfort and excellent support to the body. An essential function of the slats is ventilation because the slats allow the air to circulate, so the moisture that the body sweats during sleep and lying down will not be retained in the mattress.

In that way, you remove the possibility of mold development in the bed, which is very harmful to health. It is also recommended that the slats adjust the hardness to improve the hardness as you see fit, if necessary, from day today. We recommend fixed slats for the ones with springs and flexible slats for foam (with adjustable rings).

7. Is it better for a double bed to buy a mattress with one larger core or two separate smaller cores?

A double one with two separate cores is better in terms of maintenance and adjustment to the body. Your double bed’s bedding can be too bulky for the washing machine you own, making it difficult to maintain. This innovation is ideal for partners with different sleeping habits.

Adjust one side of the bed to be harder, the other to be softer, or adjust them to be the same hardness. The core is located in one compact cover, so it does not sink in the middle. In case you are bothered by the place where the two beds meet, an over-mattress or protection can be placed over them, which will provide you with complete comfort.

8. Do you turn around in bed?


A person turns around about 40 times on average during sleep. Simultaneously, the mattress needs to be adjusted quickly, so that the pressure is again evenly distributed throughout the body.

Foam types are the right choice because, due to their elasticity, they quickly adapt to the new sleeping position. The ones with pocket springs, which have an additional layer of memory foam, are also the right solution.

9. Do you suffer from allergies?

Mattress covers treated with silver ions, which provide the highest hygiene level and create a clean and fresh sleeping environment, are also suitable for more sensitive people, allergy sufferers, and asthmatics. On all-foam mattresses, the cover is removed and washed, which is very important for people prone to allergies.

10. Do you buy mattresses for a longer lifespan?


Check how many years of warranty the mattress you are considering has. If the seller guarantees the product for only one or two years, it means that the bed’s life is concise. For all quality mattresses, sellers usually offer a 10-year warranty.

11. Are you buying for your adolescent?

Since your adolescent’s body is still developing, it is appropriate to buy a mattress that can adapt to different sleeping positions and a cover made of natural (bamboo) fibers.