Is Buying a Static Caravan a Good Investment?

Camping is a very popular type of vacation for many people. Also, we can see that domestic tourism is on a rise this year, especially because of the pandemic of coronavirus, which made many countries close their borders for foreign citizens. The traditional way of camping is by getting a tent or renting some cabin near a national park, river, or any other place. However, we can see that many people are interested in buying a static caravan instead of renting or dealing with tents.

Moreover, standard camping equipment includes a camping van or a trailer as well, and you can visit Autoleisure if you are interested in buying all of the additional equipment required for a caravan. On the other side, the biggest trend these days is to buy a house in someplace where you can go on a vacation every year, and the best type of house for that matter is a static caravan.

However, some people think about how it is a great investment, but the fact that you are not going to pay for rent and many other additional expenses, buying a static caravan is a lot more financially beneficial in the end. We are going to analyze this topic more in this article.

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It is More Affordable Than It Seems

While it might seem like a big investment to spend somewhere between 15,000$ and over 100,000$ depending on size, luxury, and additional equipment in the static caravan when you calculate the expenses of renting a cabin, camping van, apartment, and many other things, it is much more affordable over years if you decide for buying a static caravan. Static caravan dealer CaravansForSale note that they have seen a 300% increase in response on their site since the start of the pandemic back in March.

In addition to the fact that it is much more cost-effective, there are many other benefits, such as the ability to go on a vacation without the struggle of looking for a place to stay, and it is much easier to plan your trip.

It Is More Cost-Effective

Even though many people would like to have a separate house only for holidays, buying it can be a huge investment. On the other hand, a static caravan is a much more affordable option and a better alternative to houses. Also, the prices of assets continue to rise constantly, along with taxes and other additional expenses. The costs of maintenance are also significantly lower.

Furthermore, you can choose some nice place with the ability to buy a static caravan there, like some mountain or a national park, and spend your vacation there each year, instead of spending a lot of money on trips in other countries.

It Represents a Lifestyle Investment

Besides the fact that buying this type of house is a much cheaper alternative to getting a regular home, there are also many positive effects, and it is a great lifestyle investment. The best example is that you can go on at least a short weekend trip to your new residence outside of town whenever you feel the need to do so, and you won’t have to deal with issues such as finding the place, renting, buying additional stuff, and more.

There are also positive effects on mental health, especially because it is scientifically proved that spending time in nature can be highly beneficial for a mental state, especially when it comes to people who are living in crowded areas and big cities. The whole family will be much happier with a place where you can rest from time to time. Also, your kids could go out there with their friends too.

More Affordable Vacations

The average cost of a vacation with your family is around 4,000$ per year, and that is only for some budget options and a maximum of two weeks that you could spend there. That might seem like a good option, but spending around 30,000$ on a decent static caravan can become a much better investment over time, and you will save a lot of money in the end.

Also, you have an unlimited period for vacation there. Most of the national parks and other places where you can find this sort of home are available through most of the year. Moreover, you will also save a lot of money because you can prepare food all by yourself.

Great Design and Improved Comfort

While it might seem that most of the static caravans are like some small cottages, most of these houses are designed in a way to maximize space and improve your comfort, along with some modern solutions for spending less electricity and gas for heating.

Also, most of these energy-efficient cabins have underfloor heating and several bedrooms. If you are willing to invest a little money, you can get a static caravan with all functions as a regular house, and you could even live there without any problems. However, you should know that most of the parks where you can find these houses need a holiday license, which means that there is a period during the year when that park is closed.

There Are Financial Plans Available

We know that it is not easy for most people to invest over 30,000$ instantly for this type of house, but there are many parks with various offers. For example, you can get a finance plan where you can pay for the static caravan in monthly rates for 5 years. However, each park has its offers, and you should check to see which one will suit you the most. On the other side, you should also check are there any loan offers in your local bank.

Last Words

When we look from a financial aspect, buying a static caravan is much more beneficial and affordable than any other method, such as renting or buying a standard house. Furthermore, you could also earn some money from renting your house when you are not there. There are many services similar to Airbnb, and renting your house is quite simple. In the end, the biggest advantage of buying this sort of home is that you are always available to go on vacation without any struggles.