Buying LED Displays In China: Is It a Good Idea? – 2024 Guide

China has been a huge marketplace for all things in the world. From beauty to sports and even technology, the cheap rates, and the wide variety that keeps people coming to the Chinese market and investing in products.

However, does even apply to the China LED display? Of course, you might want to buy some cheap and effective display screens for your business or personal use. But is that all you’re getting with this deal?

We guess not! But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep your decision shady without having the insight of how good or bad of a decision it is to buy LED displays from China. That’s because we’re here to help you figure out some basic things you’ll experience while buying a China LED display.
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Dealing with the Sales and Manufacturing Staff


So you have planned to visit China and buy a China LED display there for your reasons? Now normally, there is a need for both; a sales representative that has all the basic knowledge of the displays, and a specialist that is behind the manufacturing of these display screens.

Mostly in Chinese shops, you can’t expect both to be present. Instead, the representatives are considered enough to deal with customers and their queries. This wouldn’t help you solve your problems effectively, right?

Moreover, even if you do get both the staff and manufacturing person present, the huge language barrier is there stopping you from making reliable decisions. For this, there’s just one person that helps you communicate and understand the information the staff delivers. Now you can’t expect a communication person to deliver all the technical as well as basic details of the display screens, right?

Dealing with Warranty at a Huge distance

If you are ordering a Chine LED display from the capital, i.e. Beijing, to your location in Manhattan, that makes a huge distance comprising of thousands of kilometers. Normally, delivering something at such a huge distance can surely cause damage or scratches on the LED display body. Now what you normally do is replace a product till it’s warranty time is active.

But if you’re ordering something from so far and it ends up being damaged due to the distance, you might have to send it again (crossing the same huge distance) and have it exchanged under warranty. Now this means that you give double the time of a normal delivery timing from Beijing to Manhattan. Moreover, you can’t be sure whether the display screen is in the right condition this time.

Now instead of going through so much pain and struggle, you can just buy a LED display from your hometown. And in case of damages, you can have the warranty come into action instantly. So there’s no wait and risks here.

Minimum Order Requirement


Since you’re buying an LED display from China to a distant region/country, you might not be able to get just one piece of the display. This means that even if you purchase a minimum order of LED displays from China, which means a whole cargo container filled. Nothing less than that can be shipped or delivered at such a huge distance.
However, if you consider buying a display screen from nearby your home instead of investing in China LED display, you might be able to easily avail even a single piece of the LED display screen.

Struggle with Parts Repairing

Lastly, but most importantly, another huge backdrop in terms of buying China LED display is that you can’t expect a part replacement in case of damages. This is mainly because most of the Chinese LED shops don’t keep part replacements to instantly fix these screens.

Hence, if you have a damaged part, you need to send it to the company and they will fix that and send back. Now this long cycle also comes with the drawback of tons of time wastage and product security risks. So you can’t be confident about your decision!


Since buyers want to buy the best-LED display, they are always on the look for the best and trusted led screen manufacturer as well. LED video wall has turned to be an influential source of on-site advertising and therefore: manufacturers are expected to send the best products in the market. But, the question is how to make sure that the manufacturer is reliable and producing high-quality China displays? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Budget: The next important thing is to determine the budget. Since every buyer has some limitations, it’s necessary to evaluate the extent to which they can go and buy an LED display. From a manufacturer’s point of view, the price for LED display screens will vary according to their procedures, quality of material, and other factors.
  • Experience in the Industry: With the knowledge of their experience, buyers rest assured about the quality of LEDs they will be getting.
  • Authentication: The first and foremost thing is to figure out whether the LED display screen manufacturer is reliable or not. If someone is producing P10 LEDs, then they are the most trusted and buyers can blindly take any product from them. Company reputation is another deciding factor along with customer reviews and testimonials. All these factors are the key to finding out the authenticity of a manufacturer.


Now, these are some of the basic and most commonly faced issues when buying LED screens from China. So if you’re planning to still purchase one, make sure you have considered the odds!