Cable vs. Satellite: What Should You Choose?

You should consider yourself lucky to have the privilege of choosing between both, satellite and cable connection. However, having this freedom of choice can become confusing at times. Quite often, customers fail to choose the right option and as a result, they end up paying for a service that they do not even consume properly.

In this particular article, you will get to learn about cable and satellite services so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Although these options have their pros and cons, both are incredibly good and reliable.

Nowadays, people prefer watching real-time news and sports, which can be delivered by a reliable service provider that you can see on this site. In addition to this, you can also entertain yourself by watching TV shows and movies by getting the service package that suits you the best. Some major factors on the basis of which you choose the service are picture and service quality, versatility, choice of programming, aesthetics and in particular, the cost.

Television programs are delivered to subscribers by means of radio frequency signals. These signals are transmitted with the help of light pulses or coaxial cables through fiber-optic lines. On the other hand, in satellite television, the programs are delivered through communication satellites. The reception of it takes place via an outdoor antenna, which is usually a parabolic reflector and is called a satellite dish.

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Quality of Picture and Service:

Picture and service quality is the most imperative feature that we look for as we all need a high resolution. Presently, the majority of the people own an HD TV. Resolution is more of an issue now rather than high definition. We are concerned about the resolution whether it is 1080p, 720p or lower.

Having a look at satellite TV, it has a great resolution and most of their stations or channels are 1080p. However, some of them might be compacted to bring down to the level of cable TV because of bandwidth limit issues. Although the resolution of the cable TV is dependent on the coaxial cable, it is also determined by the reliability of the provider. The HD resolution is guaranteed but is subject to bandwidth limits. Signal quality and time-to-time dropouts are two major flaws of the satellite. Despite the fact that it is uncommon and occurs mostly during bad weather for a brief timeframe, the satellite network is still preferred by many people these days.

The Decision About Programming:

When it comes to the number of channels, both these services occupy the same channels. The cable services have a benefit of variability in the channels but satellite has more or less the same channels, as it is a nationwide TV service.

Due to the high availability of cable lines, a variety of sports channels is present on the cable. These channels might not be available on satellite in numerous states. It is highly recommended to make a list of the channels, you would like to avail, before choosing a service. This would help you ensure the cable or satellite package you are getting, include all of favorite channels and shows. Overall, both of them do not have much of a difference.


t is always a good idea to have flexibility and versatility, as we move around. The cable providers clearly mention the fact that you will have to purchase a new box every time you move. As the cable is provided to your house directly via a cable line, the old one cannot be used. This issue does not arise with satellite service, as the boxes provided by them are used nationwide. A first-hand dish is installed at your new place once you call your service provider. I think this procedure is certainly better than cable, but some people find it frustrating.

You obviously need an internet connection to stay connected to the world. So, both the providers can present you with different options. Satellite requires another dish if you need internet access. Besides this, the internet speed is a bit slow because they offer DSL, which has a slower internet connection. Therefore, it is safe to say that cable is better. Cable is an easy setup, as it does not need any extra wires. In addition to this, it has a significantly higher speed than most of the connections.


Talking about the outlook or aesthetics, there is a need for wiring in cable services. This takes place inside the house. The wiring needs to reach the television with boxes next to each other. A wired connection from the subscribers place to your home is also required. This comes out from an exterior box located in your neighborhood.

On the other hand, a dish needs to be attached to the side of your house or on the roof for satellite service. Having a dish attached to the side of your house does not give a good view. Keeping a dish out in the open might result in destruction due to bad weather as it is being exposed to harsh conditions.


The most obvious and important aspect that we focus on is the cost. We must consider what is feasible for us. Affordability plays a vital role when it comes to availing such services. It is quite difficult to compare prices in many areas, but in areas where we can compare, we find a huge difference in the cost of both the services.
The devices that you need in order to avail satellite services are very expensive. This makes the installation cost of satellite service a lot more than cable service. Though satellite services are a bit costly in the start, they do offer HD channels.

Many cable service providers offer free installation services which attract many customers.

Although the monthly packages provided by the cable service providers are expensive, they do not require you to sign long-term contracts. It is always a good option for the subscribers to be able to go for a different plan at any time. Besides this, better price rates are offered by satellite than cable. There will be a better satellite HD reception.


In a nutshell, your choice basically depends on what you require. Cable is easy to fit in as it has an easy setup, more flexibility, and multiple offers and packages. Satellite, on the other hand, offers high-quality channels line-up, better reception and a greater number of channels. Furthermore, rural areas usually go with satellite options, as it is difficult for them to have access to a cable connection. Choose, according to where you live!