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What is a Car History Check (And Why is it So Important)?

So, you’re planning to buy a used car. There’s a lot you’ll potentially need to think about in order to inform your second-hand car purchase — and running a car history check is one of the most important factors here.

However, many people overlook this or fail to understand why it is so pivotal. As such, today’s guide looks at a few key things you should know about car history checks and why there are so essential.

What is a Car History Check?

Verifying an advert for a car is complex. Unfortunately, scammers are also getting ever more adept when it comes to creating fraudulent listings, muddying the waters even more. Fortunately, though, a car history check offers a quick way to look back at a vehicle’s information and past; in turn, this can allow you to understand more about the seller’s claims and whether they’re genuine.

Car history checks uncover several useful pieces of information that could inform your choice. These include:

  • Vehicle information (eg. Make, model, colour)
  • Past MOT records
  • Previous recorded mileage statistics
  • Financing information and status
  • Stolen and write off status
  • Number plate changes

These are just a few of the things that car history checks provide. Thus, it’s easy to see why running one is so informative before buying second-hand.

Why They Are So Important for Buyers

importance of checking car history


So, we know what car history checks cover. However, it’s still important to know why they’re needed.

Simply put, car history checks should allow you to verify a seller’s claims. This is achieved by cross referencing the information provided by the seller with the check’s data. In doing so, you should be able to understand more about the car.

Now, one of the most glaring warning signs is a car that doesn’t match its description. Plates are registered to individual cars, and these have very specific features; as such, if the check highlights a significant difference, there’s a good chance the listing is fake.

Another common issue is a write off or stolen vehicle. These may be confiscated or could get you in a whole lot of trouble (in the case of write-offs, making the car unfit to drive on the road).

As such, avoiding such situations is vital. Luckily, car history checks can help. They very quickly compile a list of information regarding a vehicle; from there, you should be able to understand if the seller is genuine.

If the seller isn’t genuine or honest, there’s no harm in saying goodbye rather than completing the sale. This could potentially save you thousands (and a huge amount of stress, too).

Don’t Get Caught Out Without

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Unfortunately, con artists target far many people through car buying scams every year. However, there are ways to avoid this trap. And, you guessed it: car history checks are one of the most effective tools in your arsenal.

So, please don’t take the risk when buying. It’s so vital to run a quick check; it only takes a few minutes, but I could help you choose between a genuine sale and a dodgy one.